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Finally!!! Wedding video!

Enjoy! 🙂


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Honey Week

While we’re waiting on the wedding photos…

I cried... with joy!

I cried… with joy!

Breakfast after wedding

Breakfast after wedding

We saw banana tree too ^^

We saw banana tree too ^^

Relaxing at the hotel's roof terrace and drinking ice-cream cocktails.

Relaxing at the hotel’s roof terrace and drinking ice-cream cocktails.

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The Best Advice Ever

Today I want to share with you some valuable information that will definitely change the way you look at your relationship.
The best thing you can do is to find this book and read it:
Gary Capman ”The Five Love Languages”


You may not be aware that you speak in one of five love languages and if that is true, you should find it out. And what is more important – you should let you partner know what your love language is because chances are that he speaks completely different language. This is why so many relationships and marriages end… MANY people feel that ”they do so many things for the other person but somehow your partner does not respond or tell you that he does not feel your love”. This is because of your different languages. You have to learn to speak in your partner’s love language. It may be hard for you to understand it, but you will see how your partner changes because he/she feels loved.

We all act differently when our love tank is full. Fill it up! 

Here is a website about 5 love languages and also about the author.

You can find out your love language and also love language for your child by taking a quiz on that website. This is an information you do not skip! This may change you life for better! Use it!


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New Beginning

Hello! My name is Daiga Liepa. 😎
I have a new passport, new driver’s licence and a beautiful signature.

Soon my husband will send me photos and videos via email from our honey_week ;D And I will share some with you because I don’t have wedding pictures ready yet. But they also will be ready this week 🙂

The wedding was great! It was really sunny and hot but later it rained a bit too. Pictures will be gorgeous and I am happy.

Kaspars and I are still getting used to the fact that we are married, because in a big picture nothing dramatical has changed. We still live together and we love each other more and more each day. 🙂

Another cool things is that tomorrow I am having my first job interview in a company called ”Fast People”. A woman already contacted me yesterday about few details but tomorrow we will probably talk business and I have a feeling that they will give me the job. It seemed as if there aren’t that much people for that job. I will have to work at night sometimes. I have no idea what it will be like but I am happy that I can have the experience and if I don’t like it I can leave at any time 🙂 They will pay me more than Kaspars earns in his company and it means I will be able to buy clothes and other stuff for Kaspars because he spends a lot of his money on the apartment and paying the debt for our wedding. Taking care of Kaspars’s needs is only fair. 🙂 He agrees.

Happy Liepa’s family! 


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