Find Your Shadows

Sometimes I cannot even grasp the teachings and enlightenment that I have learned and experienced by watching Teal Swan’s videos. I’ve been watching her videos for more than a year now and when I look at myself back then, I realize how much I have changed. The things that I have achieved. She talks about the things that I and everyone on this earth can relate to. No one could help me the way that she did. She gave me the chance to really understand what is going on in my life as well as in my internal world. One of the most valuable things that I’ve learn is shadow work and core beliefs. We all go on in our lives hiding behind our true emotions and our true selves.. What is more.. we do not even notice it and even if we do sometimes notice it.. we just don’t know what to do with .. those emotions.. 

I warmly recommend everyone of you to watch this latest video but do not just stop there. If you see something that catches you eye, go ahead and watch it. Because this video is like learning about adding in maths.. but if you stop here.. you will never (hopefully later.. not never ) learn about multiplying and other great stuff in maths.

A small devil on Daigas shoulder: Great job Daiga.. really? Maths? Was that the best comparison you had? You know that like half of the humanity hates maths, right?