A Student Of Connection

My first year studies are through. Today I wrote the last exam in Social Psychology. I truly feel relaxed and will do my best and enjoy the two months that I have during the summer, especially because the forecast for the next year is ”Cold and windy”. Seems like I will have a lot on my hands. Bring it on beaches.. 😀

So many new faces. I have had such an amazing year with my mates! I found so many soul sisters that I am starting to feel belonging! I have a feeling like several of them will be my friends for life 🙂 The feeling that I have been getting the whole year is that ” I am needed, wanted and people want to connect with me”. I remember one evening after school when I came home and I sat at my desk gazing at the wall and just started to cry… Kaspars was trying to understand what was happening and I tried to explain that like within a week I had received to many ”thanks, feedbacks and gratitudes as well as praises” that I just felt like its too much to handle. Because I had been used to not receiving those things at all.

My purpose in this life is ”connection”. And if I was a bit unsure about that in the beginning of the studies, today I can say that assuredly. I am excellent at seeing into others, connecting with their pain and truths and guiding them to connect with themselves and eventually others. This is just second nature to me and I want to do this for the rest of my life.


I Am An Aunt Now

So yeah… on 14th September my sister gave birth to a little boy who now is called Valts (Like ”Walt”).
This is all new and very exciting and I really want to see the child. It will be very interesting to see how he grows up because we all will be there 🙂
And the most funny part is to really understand that my parents are now grandparents.. And so they will be for my children as well.
2 days ago we almost got 2 little kittens but they were taken before us. So now we are searching.. and we think we might have found some.. and these ones are 2 months old and they are both girls. But the owners told us that they are really sweet (aren’t they all??) but you know I think I kind of understand what she meant because in the picture they seem all getting along very well. So we’ll see.. anyway.. you’ll have some photos when we finally have them!

AAAAANNNNNDDDD….!!!!! Today is the 4th lesson for Norwegian course. I am so happy that I learn Norwegian and actually that is one of the happiest times in my week. 🙂

Hei! Jeg heter Daiga. Jeg er 20 år gammel og jeg kommer fra Kegums men nå bor og jobber jeg i Riga. Jeg snakker latvisk, engelsk, og litt norsk og jeg også forstår russisk men ikke so mye.

So for today we had a hjemmelekser (homework) – we had to write about our week and for the next Tuesday we have to read this little children’s book with 7 pages and translate it.

Anyhow.. Everything continues.. everything is going great! 🙂

On my way.. once again..

I think I am ready today for a longer post than lately ;D

You can put this in the background.. 😀


First of all, in my last few posts I have been talking about my depression, my illness and the fact that I don’t want to study.
Well, for more than a month (If I’m correct) I no longer study at Riga’s Technical University. It may sound bad but I have good news – It doesn’t to me! 🙂 I feel much better now that I have time for myself, for my thoughts, my health and also God. It is the hardest decision I have ever made because it is not what everybody would do and also a lot of people may simply not understand this because it seems not mainstream. And it definitely isn’t. But.. It was MY DECISION (I don’t scream it out loud with anger, I say it with rather smile on my face) and that is what I needed – A path of my own. It didn’t seem right.. and it was enough for me to stop and think about this. I prayed God to help me deal with this.. and He did help me. My mother and my whole family, in fact, supported me (which was very important) because it would be very hard to live my life knowing that they are disappointed or somehow unsatisfied. I did it and I don’t regret it. 🙂 I have time to see what is happening around me and I can hear my heart telling me the things I love. It feels like a blurry picture that is being clarified. 🙂

So some of you may ask – what are you doing then? What is your daily routine?
Well, first of all, my aim wasn’t to jump from one stressful routine to another. I just wanted to have a STOP.. to have the chance to look at my life and see where I am going with this and why I am loosing my mind over something. But in the meantime I didn’t want to do absolutely nothing. So I find my own pace of doing things. So now I continue to work as a English home teacher and I have seriously taken on learning Norwegian. And while we’re on the subject.. I had an idea to post grammar and other things I learn here and put it under ”Norvēģu valoda (NORSK)” category but I won’t do it unless there are few people that really want me to do that. So this one is up to you. Leave your opinion in comments or write me personally. 🙂 Okay.. so what do I do other than this? I enjoy the ”little things” in life. I put it in quotation marks because I actually things of them as the the Big and Important things! ^^    Things as helping my parents, seeing my friends, playing with our dog and cat, loving my soon to be husband and praying.. a lot.

Today I had the first experiment with my wedding hairstyle. Agita (our wedding organizer and hopefully Kaspars’s brother’s girlfriend) recommended me Agnese (the hairdresser) and today we met. We bought some daisies (not real of course) and white pearls.. also black metal wire for my hairstyle. So we made curls and then we just tried different things. But I really liked that we put 3 daisies in the back (all hair are basically down) and we made like .. strings with white pearls that came from the daisies as if they were little stars. I won’t have wedding veil so we wanted to make something nice ourselves. I would put some photos but I still have the feeling as if I should wait until the wedding is over ;D Sorry! 🙂  We will meet again on the 25th of April to dye my hair and then on the 28th of April to have the last experiment for hair and also to put the make up on and see how it looks.

Few days ago I found a great website and a very interesting evangelist Ray Comfort. I Shared the NOAH video which was the first video I saw. I would like to put some links to videos and information about them:

They are easy to watch but they are incredibly interesting. 🙂 I was very interesting to realize that you need more faith to believe in Evolution than Creation. And other mind blowing facts. Enjoy! 🙂

Once again, Happy Carrot

Wedding dress

Few things have happened 🙂 Good ones!

My session is still in process, but it seems that I will be able deal with them. Right now I am in lecture called “Data structures”. It is ok, but I can’t say the same thing about the lecturer.. Very hard to understand.. Her..

Other news.. Last Saturday I and Kaspars went to find a wedding dress. It turns out that I look pretty in a very big range of dress styles. At first I wanted simple dress, but in the end we found a great dress that is wide in … Okay I have to admit that my vocabulary in fashion is poor so I cant even describe it 😀 But its beautiful.. I was thinking about putting a picture in here but I decided to leave it for May, and put pictures of our wedding! 🙂

The weather here is cold but very sunny at least. I can’t wait to wear cute skirts and nice shoes on heels when it gets warm! Every day – trousers.. It is really bringing me down. SKIRTS FOR THE WIN!!!!! :)))

You can study, then die and watch some Autumn leaves

I want to announce that I hate pores

This is a test for you. I get sick looking at this.. I am actually right now… OMG… PANIC!!!!

I can’t explain this but when I see pores anywhere… bones, fruits n stuff.. I get this yucky feeling… it disturbs me VERY MUCH! I’d like to find another person who has had similar feeling and/or knows if that is related to something psychologically.

Today I met my friend Madara. She studies Medicine… and well..  it is really hard for her! After hearing what is going on with her studies and her university mates.. I felt as I am in such a good place ^^ I mean.. can you believe it – you are studying to fcking become a doctor.. to help people but the university doesn’t allow you NOT to attend the lectures.. I mean… really.. even if you are sick as fuck and have a diarrhea… that is NO EXCUSE.

DOUBLE U TEE  EFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only way you can skip lectures is if you are in hospital and you bring a note from it. I mean.. that is so ironical… you want to cure people… but you can as well die studying!  I guess.. this is an appropriate time to explain what is studying . . .


Anyway.. I really want to wish everybody luck and well health too. I hope someone is brave enough to tell the University how inhuman that is.

I have a new little dream… to lie down under trees and just watch how leaves fall down on and around me. That could be awesome.

Autumn leaves in Gekū

Autumn leaves in Gekū (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you guys for following me, it gives me motivation to continue my blog. ;****************