Valt Is Very Cute

This Monday (6th October) I finally met my nephew – Valt. He is only 3 weeks old and he is very cute. That day there were I, my mum and my sister and of course Valt 🙂
And we made a baby bath. Anyway I really want to see him again soon 🙂

And now I’m looking for a new job, nothing special.. just something that will keep me going in my Norwegian (financially) and something that I can do and not feel like dying inside ;D (Yeah.. doing the same thing literally every 2 minutes for 8 hours and 20 days a week.. can be a little bit frustrating)

Today Sunny and Haley will get their second pill to get rid of the worms and we will separate them for the night while the serum for fleas gets absorbed in their fur. We can’t keep them together because they like to lick each other a lot and they can get diarrhea doing so.

That’s it for now.. 🙂

HaleyHaley_funPlaying Together


I Am An Aunt Now

So yeah… on 14th September my sister gave birth to a little boy who now is called Valts (Like ”Walt”).
This is all new and very exciting and I really want to see the child. It will be very interesting to see how he grows up because we all will be there 🙂
And the most funny part is to really understand that my parents are now grandparents.. And so they will be for my children as well.
2 days ago we almost got 2 little kittens but they were taken before us. So now we are searching.. and we think we might have found some.. and these ones are 2 months old and they are both girls. But the owners told us that they are really sweet (aren’t they all??) but you know I think I kind of understand what she meant because in the picture they seem all getting along very well. So we’ll see.. anyway.. you’ll have some photos when we finally have them!

AAAAANNNNNDDDD….!!!!! Today is the 4th lesson for Norwegian course. I am so happy that I learn Norwegian and actually that is one of the happiest times in my week. 🙂

Hei! Jeg heter Daiga. Jeg er 20 år gammel og jeg kommer fra Kegums men nå bor og jobber jeg i Riga. Jeg snakker latvisk, engelsk, og litt norsk og jeg også forstår russisk men ikke so mye.

So for today we had a hjemmelekser (homework) – we had to write about our week and for the next Tuesday we have to read this little children’s book with 7 pages and translate it.

Anyhow.. Everything continues.. everything is going great! 🙂

Pascal, Delphi, Sushi and Caaaaaaaaarrrrrssssssss

Well guys.. I am doing well! Studying Computer Systems is interesting for me and that is great because it means that if I don’t understand something I will find out just because I want to. So far I made a little program ( you can see it  in ”home” page here as a link too ) and it was made using Pascal and it seems pretty easy.. now I have to study Delphi which is similar to Pascal only there are graphical elements in the code. The lecturer for Delphi is just awful.. she isn’t explaining anything.. she would just SHOW us what to write where… but the main question WHY isn’t answered. So I decided to learn on my own.. I don’t really have any other option.. that will be time taking.. but I will try to manage it. 🙂


Sushi (Photo credit: Plonq)

Yesterday my sister stayed over and I helped her to make Sushi for her boyfriend’s brother’s daughter. I was happy to do it because I got some of it too. 🙂

Do you remember when sometime in June I started going to Driving School?

You see.. Today is my last driving session and on 2nd of October (Wednesday) I will have my exam, but before the exam I will have one last warm up driving with my instructor before I go to exam.  I really hope to do this with the first time ^^ Wish me luck! ;***

This week I realized that I need more money for all sorts of things.. so I started thinking that I should get more students that I can teach English. We’ll see 🙂

program I like you;


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