I Am An Aunt Now

So yeah… on 14th September my sister gave birth to a little boy who now is called Valts (Like ”Walt”).
This is all new and very exciting and I really want to see the child. It will be very interesting to see how he grows up because we all will be there 🙂
And the most funny part is to really understand that my parents are now grandparents.. And so they will be for my children as well.
2 days ago we almost got 2 little kittens but they were taken before us. So now we are searching.. and we think we might have found some.. and these ones are 2 months old and they are both girls. But the owners told us that they are really sweet (aren’t they all??) but you know I think I kind of understand what she meant because in the picture they seem all getting along very well. So we’ll see.. anyway.. you’ll have some photos when we finally have them!

AAAAANNNNNDDDD….!!!!! Today is the 4th lesson for Norwegian course. I am so happy that I learn Norwegian and actually that is one of the happiest times in my week. 🙂

Hei! Jeg heter Daiga. Jeg er 20 år gammel og jeg kommer fra Kegums men nå bor og jobber jeg i Riga. Jeg snakker latvisk, engelsk, og litt norsk og jeg også forstår russisk men ikke so mye.

So for today we had a hjemmelekser (homework) – we had to write about our week and for the next Tuesday we have to read this little children’s book with 7 pages and translate it.

Anyhow.. Everything continues.. everything is going great! 🙂


Who would like to see wedding photos?

Happy Carrot


Monument of Freedom


Kaspars’s brother Kristaps, Me, My Husband Kaspars, Kaspars’s cousin Annija


Wedding guests in Rundales castle

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Daiga goes partying!!

Hello fellas!

It’s been a while BUT I have some interesting stuff to write about.

Nowadays youngsters (around my age) consider going to Riga’s Old City to be very trendy. I remember when I was studying at Riga’s Gymnasium No.2 my classmates used to come to school after weekend and talk about their partying&drinking&having-fun.. and I simply listened, it was interesting. And later I decided that I have to do it just to ”check” it in my ”to do list”.. it felt as if I have to know and see how it is. And I had my chance.

Last Thursday I went out with 4 guys from University, we drank, talked, danced and had fun. I saw people who had this lifestyle almost every day.. I watched and analyzed everything but at the same time I got drunk and even enjoyed it. I finally went to a club (I mean for the first time), but I was right – I haven’t missed out anything. It is just fun for a night or two.

Well.. I thought about this a lot and yet I decided to mention smth from my private life. For last few years I lived my life thinking that there is only one man who likes me (apart from maniacs who would just ”do” anyone) and suddenly.. starting my studies and also elsewhere.. I am this cool-interesting-sexy chick… How did that happen? And .. being Leo .. this gives me a lot of attention which I like so much!

Thats all for now. Have a good night sleep! 🙂

Freedom Street

Čau!  (Thats ”Hi” from Latvian )

These few days have been so full of new things that I didn’t even have time to get my computer and write anything. This was my second night in the new apartment and today I am still ordering and cleaning everything ;D  (The title is actually the street I live on) Me and Kaspars have a big room and there are 3 more rooms which soon will be taken (I hope) because we want to split the rent into 5 pieces : )

I have a feeling that living here with bunch of positive people will help me to feel more happy! Yesterday we had our first guest and it was just awesome to laugh with them and .. That’s just what I need! After living with my parents for so long… I simply know that the best way for our family to work is to live apart : )

Here comes the rain again

Here comes the rain again (Photo credit: Jonathan_W (@whatie))

Changes are always good.. changes strengthens yourself and doesn’t allow you to be boring, unhappy or unoriginal. Changes will make you think differently and will make you start using your brains again!

Today I will have a visitor here – Madara, and afterwards I will go on a trip for 1st year students. I don’t remember if I told you where I will study.. So.. starting with the September I will study at Riga’s Technical University and I’ll be studying.. ehmm… Computer science (Computer Systems) and stuff like that 🙂 So I am happy that they thought that my application for the camp is original enough to take me with them ^^ I expect to befriend with a lot of people so that when I go to my first day of University I would be as ”Hey!! How are you? ” 🙂

I got new followers and that makes me superduper happy! That inspires me to write more, to do more, to exercise more and just experience everything MORE!

Thank you, guys!
I like you just because you like me! Simple as that ! 🙂

Big Checkpoint of Life

Hey, ya’ll!

I am in a hurry so I will be short! We got apartment in Riga, so I will be living now in Riga!

I still can’t believe it.. mostly because I have never moved to anywhere my whole life.. so now it feels like something I have never done and well.. I have to start to pack my bags ;D And this could be a new start for me and the end of my illness.

English: Riga's Old Town Suomi: Riian vanhakau...

English: Riga’s Old Town Suomi: Riian vanhakaupunki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)