Tree Hugger

This is how I enjoy silence and nature. Forests are truly a blessing!

Tree Hugger


Little Heaven

Sweet cherries and black currants mixed with vanilla ice-cream in my mouth…
Smells like Matricaria chamomilla in here…
And I am sitting in a pink room with white windows and beautiful sunlight…
Is this heaven or what?

Well actually this is the place where I usually spend my every summer. This is the first year when I live in another town and coming here feels like a little heaven to me!
It is so good to be away from the traffic noise, high buildings and simply enjoy the nature – garden full of flowers, my cat napping in the sun and the dog running around with a ball in his mouth. And what really makes me feel amazing is a birch grove which is swinging softly when the wind blows. I wish the autumn never comes and time stays still for as long as I need it to.