Just a Post So That You Know I Am Still Alive


Now… isn’t this true? 🙂 Yes, it is! But I like to do both things! (wasntme)

Have a nice day! I will write something more about what is happening in my life very soon. Because there is one big thing I have been waiting for for a long time! > : )

(So funny when identical words in English but makes perfect sense) 😀


Tesla Rocks But Soy Sucks

I would like to start with a link that will educate you a lot:

AAAnd also a well known man – Paul Chek who speaks about Soy products and soy itself. 🙂

This is it for now, just wanted to give you a valuable information! 🙂

Good luck,
Happy Carrot

Spirit Science

For those who read this post because it is in workout category I want to say that my illness is going away.. I only need to overpower the cough! And new sessions will BE!

As for those who like to peak into my life.. you can read below ;D

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen. ( Ok.. why the fck anyone would like to know that?) well I say that because I cleaned it today AGAIN.. my parents made dinner yesterday here and so I had to clean up again. |-(

I want to make your day brighter so here are two comics/stories which I read in the morning (Kaspars showed them to me).



That guy is great. I mean he used to be a good web designer but now he does his own thing besides we can see the designer skills also in the great comics of his! 🙂

I have also been trying to ”speak” mentally with my sister’s dog .. yes Argo. It sounds like high cherry-nuts, but hear me out – I am really curious about it since I started watching Spirit Science on youtube. (3rd episode btw) That guy is very interesting and he sure knows a lot of things 🙂  Go ahead and check him out –

Just start watching one by one.. no matter what the title is. You will find interesting facts even in those videos which would at first seem boring!!

I want to put some pictures because it is more interesting to watch then.. well I don’t have any new photos I guess, but I can show you my new start-up screen and tag in Counter-Strike:Source.. HERE IT IIIS!

A very beautiful blood elf ^^