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Right now

And so here comes the next post 🙂
This is more about me, my life today, my stands, beliefs and challenges.

I have planned to watch the blood moon together with supermoon ( ) which is in the night of 27th to 28th of September.  In Latvia it is 05:47 MAX. You can check time for your region and if it is possible to see it on the internet.

I turned 21 on the 2nd of August. It is a little bit strange to get older. 🙂 And I finally decided to get a tattoo. So 6th August I got this:
Flower of life inside the 2nd chakra
It is the flower of life inside of the 2nd chakra. 🙂 It cost me 160 EUR but I am very happy about it and perhaps I will make another one in soon future 🙂

So.. I am still trying to be vegan. I am fully vegetarian but I still have problems with finding the food without dairy.  So to put in numbers : 100 % vegetarian and 70 % vegan. But I am feeling great and I am planning to go full vegan until my 22nd birthday which is kind a special age for me. We visited ”Fat pumpkin” and it was soooo delicious.
AAAANDDD one day I and my colleague.. we made this:

Vegetable soup with garlic bread

And I have one more challenge until my 22nd birthday which is to live each day asking this one simple question ” What would a person who loves themselves do?”
So basically I am learning to love myself. I hope that this will also help my marriage because last few months have been quite hard for us.
I am reading Teal Swan’s book ” Shadows before dawn” and it has been very helpful.. This is actually where I got this idea of using this question from. 🙂

I have also passed B2 exam in Norwegian, so I am quite flink now ;D This means that this month I am getting a salary raise ^^

And last but not least.. Vi er på jakt etter en ny bil  🙂 We are thinking about buying a new car, because it is so much less headache if you don’t have to repair the car that someone else has f***ed up 😀 So you will be hearing about cars in near future, hopefully 🙂

And some photos from Madona:

These sneakers are not mine but they were quite comfortable ;D

This butterfly has died a nature death. It was the first time for me to see a butterfly that has died peacefully.

Nice autumn flowers 🙂

Ok, I have to keep fighting in this life…

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Det latviske språket

It is the homework in Norwegian but I thought that I could publish it.. before it was corrected by my teacher. Enjoy my mistakes ;DD
Det er en hjemmelekser i Norsk men jeg trodde at jeg kunne å publisere det.. før det er rettet av læreren min. 😀

Det latviske språket er morsmål til cirka 1.7 millioner mennesker og det er det eneste offisielle språket i landet. Det Latviske språket tilhører til baltiske språkgruppe i indoeuropeiske språkfamilie. Jeg synes at det er veldig interessant hvordan det latviske språket ble skapt i løpet av flere århundre og hvordan overlevde det til tross for undertrykkelsen som ble tvunget av ulike land.

Det latviske språket har 3 dialekter – Lībiskais (Libisk), Vidus (Midten) og Augšzemnieku (toppbønder eller topp landboere ) men det literariske språket, som brukes fortsett i dag, er basert på den Vidus dialekten.

Opprinnelig var det Kurši, Zemgaļi, Sēļi, Latgaļi som befolket landets territorium som skiltet seg fra indoeuropeere omtrent 2000 f.Kr. Etter hvert forsvant det forskjellen mellom alle fire språk særlig da de ble kristnet og forenet under samme politiske, økonomiske og religiøse taket – Livonia (Den tyske orden).
I 16. – 18. århundre var det tyskbaltiske prester som ønsket å gjøre latinske religiøse bøker tilgjengelige til latviske medlemmer i kirker og det bidro til skriftlige språket. Men når vi snakker om den litterære språket er det viktig å nevne Ernsts Gliks som var prest i Alūksne. Han oversatt det nye testamentet og det gamle Testamentet til Vidus dialekten men dette språket ble akseptert i Vidzeme, Zemgale og også i Kurzeme.

Jeg synes at det er imponerende hvordan folk levde på denne tida. Jeg synes også at det er så deilig at utenlandske kunne hjelpe slik som de gjorde. Til tross for at det var menn som ønsket å tvinge den kristne troen, var det også menn som ville hjelpe uten å ødelegge kultur og språk. 13. århundre er veldig merkverdig på grunn av at så mye skjedde som påvirket måte hvordan vi lever og snakker nå.

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Very Competitive Mode

I have to say that things are really going very fast and also in the right direction ( so it seems ). 🙂 So as some of you may already know I and my husband went to Switzerland for Easter holidays. Please forgive me that I haven’t shared some photos.. So I will do it now 🙂 There are a lot of photos of nice view in Switzerland. There are also the family that showed us around and welcomed us as guests. We had the chance to live in Zurich’s hotel Sheraton. We drove to Luzern, Viamala and other nice places. Here are just the photos but in few words… We called ourselves as mountain junkies because we just were astonished by them. We took a lot of photos as well. We saw the biggest clock in Europe which is actually bigger than Big Ben ( the diameter of the clock itself is about 8 meters ). Then the amazing Viamala which is just a deep gorge between mountains. And the water was green everywhere and it was drinkable. Sweet. (a-face-of-approval). Also we ate lunch in the restaurant that you see in one photo.. there are queues all the time! Did you know that Logitech is a swiss company? And we also walked through the Bahnhof strasse. Tina Turner lives nearby ;D

Photos are here:

So at work everything is fabulous! I am now at my new department and we are learning the new processes. Also I am on my way to learn B2 level for Norwegian. On the 15th of August I am having my exam. After that I will get a salary increase. Fint, ikke sant? But I mean.. the job itself is so satisfying. I actually enjoy it. A lot! So interesting things going on and so interesting things that you can learn 🙂

Valts got baptized! He was so adorable in his costume. And he has his sneaky smile. Cuuutee!

We also bought a carpet that is under our tables now, because the chairs that we have were destroying the floor :F

Tomorrow we are planning to have a CS:GO marathon. We are going to buy all the food we need and then play CS:GO Competitive mode.. pretty much all day. FINALLY! >:)

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Update for Daiga’s life NR.1

My life has been interesting these past few weeks. So the A1 level in Norwegian I passed with 95 % and in the end of the February we are having A2 level. I hope for a good mark. Fingers crossed! What is more, we also changed groups, so I have a different teacher now. She is from Russia so she doesn’t speak Latvian at all. So the classes are in English. I like the fact that she doesn’t really have the accent that my previous teacher had and she also knows the language in more details, at least so it seems. And she speaks almost only Norwegian. So she even explains everything in Norwegian and I am able to understand most of it. And only when it is necessary she uses English. Also my desk now is on the 10th floor and I have a nice view still pretty close. There is a guy from Austria right next to me. It seems interesting to have a foreign college. AAAAnnnnd….. I really need to go to the bathroom!!!! And the husband is warming the bed for me… very impatient. 😀


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Of course selvfølgelig

So today I had my A1 exam for Norwegian. We had the best teacher that explained everything and it seems we ended up with the hardest exam ever. I mean other groups were complaining about their teachers because they did not explain anything and did not give any grammar rules but this was not the case for our teacher… so we felt lucky and quite safe when it came to the first exam. But we were wrong to think so. We did not even ONCE read such a text as we had in the exam. I mean.. why??? Why do teachers teach about 2 + 2 = 4 and make the exam about 56 x 78 = ?  I mean can we somehow figure the new grammar rules ourselves while writing? Do we have the chance to translate every 5th word and phrase? No!  This is ridiculous but I am quite disappointed. I am sure I passed it though.. but I am shocked and I feel so sorry about few other colleagues that possibly could not pass it.
The job is great – that I have to admit ( even though I have not had any training for the job itself… lol ). I just need to learn on my own and stop helping other so much because if this was A1……I need to learn day and night..
And I kinda decided that I will not take new English students because I am exhausted and for now I have to learn a language myself.

Men jeg gleder meg til å snakke mer enn jeg kan snakke nå. Språket er veldig interesant og jeg må fortsette det likevel.


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I sink I sink in the sink while sinking about sinking in the sink

Ok, so there is no meaning behind that title 😀
Just so you know.. Latvians often pronounce ”think” like ”sink” and so you can probably notice where it is meant as ”think”..
This is just what my smart husband just said. 😀 It is quite funny!

So you know.. I dag er fredag og jeg er hjemme fra jobben nå.  (don’t scratch your head – just google it! )

I have finished my first work week. So what do I think about my new job?   IT IS AWESOME   !!!!!!
Where do I start? The building is absolutely gorgeous! I love that every floor has open offices with windows from bottom until top.. not to mention the lovely view I have when I am in a lift going to the 8th floor where my temporary desk is. While we are on the subject – I got the desk next to the window! Okay.. so I have the biggest desk a person could have, a fancy chair that you can adjust in every way you can imagine, two big screens and I can drink hot chocolate for free like every 5 minutes!! ( of course I don’t do that because that would not be professional and productive ). I love the fact that we are learning Norwegian everyday for 3 hours and the people.. gosh…they are so friendly! 🙂 AAAAnnnd they serve delicious food in the canteen – it is very important that I can have a proper lunch at work!
So for me it is a major upgrade in every way!

From the casino that doesn’t have even one decent window I now have castle of glass.

Before I tried to take something healthy and delicious to work but now it is already there and warm without the microwaves!

People here are actually professional about everything they do and they still maintain their friendliness – this one I can feel a lot! (the difference) I don’t hear anybody complaining.. EVER!

I don’t have to sit in one posture all day – which makes my back feel great at the end of the day.   And other things I am yet about to discover : )))))))

It also turns out that after 3 months I am going to Oslo for one week. Neat!!! 🙂

Jeg snakker ganske bra norsk nå. Jeg synes at norsk er veldig interesant og jeg skal være flink i norsk. Jeg håper dere har det bra. Tusen takk.. Ha det!
Glad Gulrot! 🙂

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The celebration of the 100th post and a new start for Happy Carrot!!!

And so my dear fellas,
I am extremely happy to announce that this isn’t just any 100th post.. I was saving something really good for this…


It took me more than a month but it was totally worth it!!!! So starting from the 5th January, 2015 I will begin my Norwegian courses and the job training as well :))))))  I am extremely excited!!! n______________________________n

And so I guess it is also an appropriate time to mention that on the 24th of November I had my last working day as a dealer (although I didn’t know anything about the new job, I was fed up with not loving what I do 🙂

The building where I will work is very modern and I loved every minute when I walked in there for the last interview. Now I will have a dream come-true  – I’ve always loved paperwork and a light office with big windows! (Especially when you compare casino with no windows at all!!!!! ) I am sure that this is only the beginning ^^



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