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Passat Wind Blew Us A New Car

Shame, shame, shame… 8 months without writing… but its better late than never, right?
I’ll try to sum everything up in few posts but brace yourselves cuz it may come in more than 2 😀

Since I was a little kid I’ve dreamt about having a car. I thought that it would be awesome to have a cute tiny car that I can drive with without having to get a driver’s licence. A car that I could use to go to places and it would go just as fast as a bicycle. Sometimes grandpa would let me into the garage and sit in his red Lada VAZ. And I would close my eyes and imagine that I am driving it from that garage to my parents’ apartment. I would image every bumps and every corner and how I would need to turn the wheel accordingly. I even once tried to build a little car myself (needless to mention that was not a successful attempt). And so it was a very important and sweet dream of mine to have my own car. Since February I and Kaspars were trying to find a good used car. We were going through advertisements basically everyday and there were few cars that were really good but there always was a ”but” or a little ”nah-ah”. It was May already and I we had completely lost hope to find something decent and then we decided to go to Volkswagen salon and take a look at some reasonably priced new cars or used one. I was very interested in VW Jetta because it was almost as awesome as Passat but it was not that expensive but the car would really be just a vehicle then.. no extras.. nothing. Then we saw VW Passat B8 (2016) and of course it is a completely different car. And it had nice extras.

Random photo from internet with the car the we loved

Kaspars loved it, so did I, but.. The price… 30 000 EUR. The guy who was showing us the cars was a friend of Kaspars and he told us a lot of things and also a way how I could get a discount for 5 000 EUR. That made us think. A great bargain right? Hell yeah! We got home and got excited.. so there was no time to waste because the summer was coming and my dream was still burning hot! So then one thing happened after another and 17th of May (Norges nasjonaldag by the way) we drove home with our little cute Passat:

Handsome as fuck

Happy Travelzzz



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I sink I sink in the sink while sinking about sinking in the sink

Ok, so there is no meaning behind that title 😀
Just so you know.. Latvians often pronounce ”think” like ”sink” and so you can probably notice where it is meant as ”think”..
This is just what my smart husband just said. 😀 It is quite funny!

So you know.. I dag er fredag og jeg er hjemme fra jobben nå.  (don’t scratch your head – just google it! )

I have finished my first work week. So what do I think about my new job?   IT IS AWESOME   !!!!!!
Where do I start? The building is absolutely gorgeous! I love that every floor has open offices with windows from bottom until top.. not to mention the lovely view I have when I am in a lift going to the 8th floor where my temporary desk is. While we are on the subject – I got the desk next to the window! Okay.. so I have the biggest desk a person could have, a fancy chair that you can adjust in every way you can imagine, two big screens and I can drink hot chocolate for free like every 5 minutes!! ( of course I don’t do that because that would not be professional and productive ). I love the fact that we are learning Norwegian everyday for 3 hours and the people.. gosh…they are so friendly! 🙂 AAAAnnnd they serve delicious food in the canteen – it is very important that I can have a proper lunch at work!
So for me it is a major upgrade in every way!

From the casino that doesn’t have even one decent window I now have castle of glass.

Before I tried to take something healthy and delicious to work but now it is already there and warm without the microwaves!

People here are actually professional about everything they do and they still maintain their friendliness – this one I can feel a lot! (the difference) I don’t hear anybody complaining.. EVER!

I don’t have to sit in one posture all day – which makes my back feel great at the end of the day.   And other things I am yet about to discover : )))))))

It also turns out that after 3 months I am going to Oslo for one week. Neat!!! 🙂

Jeg snakker ganske bra norsk nå. Jeg synes at norsk er veldig interesant og jeg skal være flink i norsk. Jeg håper dere har det bra. Tusen takk.. Ha det!
Glad Gulrot! 🙂

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Be A Nice Lady :)

So I made it! The first study week is over and I feel great!

I love Mathematics and we are 3 girls in 28 people group of boys.
A lot of new faces. And it’s weird (I mean unusual) when everywhere I go there are men that open and hold doors for me and wait for me to pass them by. Its unusual but I like it 😀

Today I met an old friend. I had never met him before.. we were chatting and e-mailing for 7 years and we finally got the chance to meet each other because I live in Riga 😎 We talked and it was a lot of fun.. we also went to his girlfriend’s work.. because she is very jealous and all.. He later told me that they fight a lot mostly because of her jealousy and because he has to do everything for her and she can’t take care of things herself.. And so later it got me thinking that there are SOOO many stupid women. And actually I always get the feeling that there are more crazy bitches than there are jerkish men. This friend I met actually isn’t the first one with that kind of situation in the relationship ( well.. ofcourse ;D ) so I had this little movie in my head –

There is this gorgeous woman. She is so beautiful and interesting. She seduces a man. The man is so happy and excited and eventually he gets laid. They are having great time together and they decide to became a couple. Everything is good .. but time goes by .. and the sweet and sexy woman has suddenly turned into a time-attention-money sucking Succubus. And the man feels miserable.. so they split up and the girl suddenly is so fcking confused and sad. ”How can you leave me?” she says.. because she has always thought that the man is her property. She cries a lot and continues to complain to her girlfriends how her boyfriend is ”so lame.. so blah blah..” and so on. And the man starts to think ”what if next one is just like her?”..  But women continue to wonder about ”How can men just fck one and then go to another?”
The reality – men don’t want to know those Succubuses.
Doesn’t women also fck up men and then go to another?

This little philosophy isn’t true all times.. this is just a notable part of women society.

Daiga simply thinking some thoughts. Don’t be mad, sad or a pad. xD ( it just rhymed )


The most LOVING, CARING and HONEST character/person I KNOW!!! – Goku!


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