The Juicy Fruits Of 5 Year Relationship

This one is an update for my relationships, social life and thoughts on all of that.

As we (Kaspars & Daiga) are getting married in May, 2014, few weeks back we figured that we want to have a special person that can marry us. This is because often in Registry Office ‘marrying’ person is so ”whatever” about your wedding day and also it seems .. cold. Fortunately Kaspars knows Andrejs who is a priest but also has rights to marry people. So we called him and made an appointment. He was happy to see me again, because he had only seen me once.. like.. 4 years ago. We were still together and he was glad. He offered us a preparation course before marriage. And we decided to do it.

Now we have been going to those sessions for more than a month ( he does it for free and in his own free time ) and we have learned a lot of interesting facts. Mostly we already knew basic things about communication, support, sex and so on.. but still there were a lot of new things to think about even from a different view.  We are reading a book together which he recommended us, it is called ”To Couples” by Julian Melgosa, Anette D.Melgosa. This book speaks about interesting facts, differences between men and women, and statistics and even researches. Although it is quite ok (the book), the most valuable things we have learned from Andrejs himself.

The best thing about these sessions is that we can discuss these things afterwards. For me the things that I now think about more is:
-Supporting Kaspars in everything he does ( I always have respected him but now I do that even more )
-Accepting the differences in personalities

And I noticed that Kaspars is more understanding that I am a woman which means I like to talk about my feelings.
We feel more happy than ever before.

Few days back we had an argument (No yelling and chair throwing.. simply misunderstanding and hurt feelings). We resolved the problem with talking. Well.. this is nothing new ;D I think the whole planet does this usually ( besides the lunatics ). But I had a major breakthrough! –> Usually my girl friends tell me that they are disappointed in their BF’s because after a long talk.. the only thing that he has to say is something like: ” Ok.. Aha… Sorry” . But this is how men usually speak: Short but specific. The breakthrough was that I explained Kaspars that I can’t feel as if the argument is over if the only response is ” Ok”..  He now knows that he has to explain his feelings in long sentences.. even saying the same thing two or three times but in different words and only then he has assured me of how he feels and that everything is going to be alright! And he actually tried it during that conversation. He finally understood it.   I have no more words for that…. IT WAS SO GOOOOOOD! LIKE A NATURAL! ;DDDD

And I felt like…  5 years together… but it was worth it! Communication: ++++++10000000!!!!!



Stories and Confessions 2


Kaspars and I spent holidays at my parents house and we also prepared some gifts for my two assumed-to-be best friends. For some reason I didn’t feel like meeting them because I just wasn’t sure whether they really want to see me. So we made gifts and then went out to deliver them and put those gifts in the mailbox.
Few days ago I met two friends that I went to high school with. It was nice to finally meet them, to chat and see how they are doing. Everything was great. The thing that surprised me though was sentence that one of them said: ” I know what we can talk about – we can talk about what we do not like about our boyfriends, it is always fun”.   Well.. the first thing I said was ” I am not doing that, sorry… I can listen and maybe give you guys some advice.. but not this.. ah-a!! (as I shook my head)”
This was something I thought about later.. I really think they are cool girls, for real, but I did not expect that. It seemed like something out of ”Cosmopolitan” magazine ( and I am not a fan ;D ) .. Do you want to know my thoughts on this subject? Well, here it goes:
I cant f***ing understand those women who can complain about their men in such pretentious ways. They go like” Omg.. I cant stand when he says that and does that…”  And the silly part is – what does that say about yourself? Well.. pretty much that you don’t have the guts to leave him or you are so dumb to stay with him. Plus… women should… no… scratch that!! Women must understand that Nobody is perfect; We are here to develop our personalities; and finally – You are in a relationship and you need to support your man and make him feel as the best guy in the world ( which he should be FOR YOU.. because you love him ) and that includes when you are with your friends.. especially then! Has complaining EVER solved anything? It doesn’t solve it makes everyone feel miserable and that’s it.

All this has made me think about people that are around me.. including friends. So the real situation is that I don’t have pretty much anyone I can share my life daily and I just don’t know how that happened. I have heard about this and the reason may be that I change and people around me don’t or they change in Not the right direction.. so they simply think that I am somehow changed and like… worse or something.. but there is nothing bad about it actually. So now I live in the big city and it is hard to find a person that I have something in common more than hair color, school that we went to or memories. I think differently from most of the people around me.. I think it is okay.. but I want to find that small part that can agree with me on bigger things. Well there is of course Kaspars. He isn’t just the lover.. he is a friend that I can talk to and discuss things and have even the same opinion on them.

Another problem is that people forget about me. This is what I really want to understand. How can they do that? Was I really such a bad person?

In conclusion, I want to make new friends. Some of them should be married couples because we are soon getting married too ourselves. I want to find people with open minds, new experience and simply POSITIVE.. I want to learn from them something new! But how do I do that? It will take time to find that and to feel comfortable to talk about my inner experiences and beliefs.

Daiga goes partying!!

Hello fellas!

It’s been a while BUT I have some interesting stuff to write about.

Nowadays youngsters (around my age) consider going to Riga’s Old City to be very trendy. I remember when I was studying at Riga’s Gymnasium No.2 my classmates used to come to school after weekend and talk about their partying&drinking&having-fun.. and I simply listened, it was interesting. And later I decided that I have to do it just to ”check” it in my ”to do list”.. it felt as if I have to know and see how it is. And I had my chance.

Last Thursday I went out with 4 guys from University, we drank, talked, danced and had fun. I saw people who had this lifestyle almost every day.. I watched and analyzed everything but at the same time I got drunk and even enjoyed it. I finally went to a club (I mean for the first time), but I was right – I haven’t missed out anything. It is just fun for a night or two.

Well.. I thought about this a lot and yet I decided to mention smth from my private life. For last few years I lived my life thinking that there is only one man who likes me (apart from maniacs who would just ”do” anyone) and suddenly.. starting my studies and also elsewhere.. I am this cool-interesting-sexy chick… How did that happen? And .. being Leo .. this gives me a lot of attention which I like so much!

Thats all for now. Have a good night sleep! 🙂

Be A Nice Lady :)

So I made it! The first study week is over and I feel great!

I love Mathematics and we are 3 girls in 28 people group of boys.
A lot of new faces. And it’s weird (I mean unusual) when everywhere I go there are men that open and hold doors for me and wait for me to pass them by. Its unusual but I like it 😀

Today I met an old friend. I had never met him before.. we were chatting and e-mailing for 7 years and we finally got the chance to meet each other because I live in Riga 😎 We talked and it was a lot of fun.. we also went to his girlfriend’s work.. because she is very jealous and all.. He later told me that they fight a lot mostly because of her jealousy and because he has to do everything for her and she can’t take care of things herself.. And so later it got me thinking that there are SOOO many stupid women. And actually I always get the feeling that there are more crazy bitches than there are jerkish men. This friend I met actually isn’t the first one with that kind of situation in the relationship ( well.. ofcourse ;D ) so I had this little movie in my head –

There is this gorgeous woman. She is so beautiful and interesting. She seduces a man. The man is so happy and excited and eventually he gets laid. They are having great time together and they decide to became a couple. Everything is good .. but time goes by .. and the sweet and sexy woman has suddenly turned into a time-attention-money sucking Succubus. And the man feels miserable.. so they split up and the girl suddenly is so fcking confused and sad. ”How can you leave me?” she says.. because she has always thought that the man is her property. She cries a lot and continues to complain to her girlfriends how her boyfriend is ”so lame.. so blah blah..” and so on. And the man starts to think ”what if next one is just like her?”..  But women continue to wonder about ”How can men just fck one and then go to another?”
The reality – men don’t want to know those Succubuses.
Doesn’t women also fck up men and then go to another?

This little philosophy isn’t true all times.. this is just a notable part of women society.

Daiga simply thinking some thoughts. Don’t be mad, sad or a pad. xD ( it just rhymed )


The most LOVING, CARING and HONEST character/person I KNOW!!! – Goku!