I Am An Aunt Now

So yeah… on 14th September my sister gave birth to a little boy who now is called Valts (Like ”Walt”).
This is all new and very exciting and I really want to see the child. It will be very interesting to see how he grows up because we all will be there 🙂
And the most funny part is to really understand that my parents are now grandparents.. And so they will be for my children as well.
2 days ago we almost got 2 little kittens but they were taken before us. So now we are searching.. and we think we might have found some.. and these ones are 2 months old and they are both girls. But the owners told us that they are really sweet (aren’t they all??) but you know I think I kind of understand what she meant because in the picture they seem all getting along very well. So we’ll see.. anyway.. you’ll have some photos when we finally have them!

AAAAANNNNNDDDD….!!!!! Today is the 4th lesson for Norwegian course. I am so happy that I learn Norwegian and actually that is one of the happiest times in my week. 🙂

Hei! Jeg heter Daiga. Jeg er 20 år gammel og jeg kommer fra Kegums men nå bor og jobber jeg i Riga. Jeg snakker latvisk, engelsk, og litt norsk og jeg også forstår russisk men ikke so mye.

So for today we had a hjemmelekser (homework) – we had to write about our week and for the next Tuesday we have to read this little children’s book with 7 pages and translate it.

Anyhow.. Everything continues.. everything is going great! 🙂


So All New Things

Few weeks back I bought an epilator:


Kaspars recorded a video where I try it for the first time. That was funny! ;D But as I was in my underpants I am not comfortable with publishing it anywhere ;D But I think the thought of me laughing and little bit screaming is enough for you all. ;DDDDDD

And I am Still…


And I bought these (pink quartz; tiger’s eye; olivine; kyanite and that yellowish is citrine) :


And Feja (Fairy in English) was very funny one day xDDD
Aghhh….These small moments in life when you can laugh…:

Do not piss her off!!!!!!!!!

And a month ago I put my things in order.. How do you like this? 🙂

People.. please help me to improve my English.. What do I call this furniture?        O.o    Dresser? Wardrobe? Cupboard? … ?

My I-dont-know-how-to-call-it furniture.

These are my mom’s parents but they are dead : ( They built the house I visit often and it is the one I was talking about when wrote a post Little Heaven )

Tatjana Rostoka (My Grandmother)

Linards Rostoks (My grandfather)

Linards had 2 brothers (Haralds and Edgars) and they lived in USA, Iowa. Edgars has 2 children – Liga Rostoks and Lauris Rostoks. They are still alive of course and I managed to contact Lauris. We talked a little bit. I really hope that one day I can go to USA and meet them in person. 🙂 Our closest relative for both of us is my greatgrandfather and his grandfather Ernests Rostoks. 🙂 And btw.. I am making a family tree. Still in progress 🙂

This is my best friends (Madara) Blog.. She is writing in Latvian, but you can see her cat in one of the photos. The cat is called Temida and she is quite young. 🙂

I am ending this post and I will write another one 🙂