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Of course selvfølgelig

So today I had my A1 exam for Norwegian. We had the best teacher that explained everything and it seems we ended up with the hardest exam ever. I mean other groups were complaining about their teachers because they did not explain anything and did not give any grammar rules but this was not the case for our teacher… so we felt lucky and quite safe when it came to the first exam. But we were wrong to think so. We did not even ONCE read such a text as we had in the exam. I mean.. why??? Why do teachers teach about 2 + 2 = 4 and make the exam about 56 x 78 = ?  I mean can we somehow figure the new grammar rules ourselves while writing? Do we have the chance to translate every 5th word and phrase? No!  This is ridiculous but I am quite disappointed. I am sure I passed it though.. but I am shocked and I feel so sorry about few other colleagues that possibly could not pass it.
The job is great – that I have to admit ( even though I have not had any training for the job itself… lol ). I just need to learn on my own and stop helping other so much because if this was A1……I need to learn day and night..
And I kinda decided that I will not take new English students because I am exhausted and for now I have to learn a language myself.

Men jeg gleder meg til å snakke mer enn jeg kan snakke nå. Språket er veldig interesant og jeg må fortsette det likevel.


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On my way.. once again..

I think I am ready today for a longer post than lately ;D

You can put this in the background.. 😀


First of all, in my last few posts I have been talking about my depression, my illness and the fact that I don’t want to study.
Well, for more than a month (If I’m correct) I no longer study at Riga’s Technical University. It may sound bad but I have good news – It doesn’t to me! 🙂 I feel much better now that I have time for myself, for my thoughts, my health and also God. It is the hardest decision I have ever made because it is not what everybody would do and also a lot of people may simply not understand this because it seems not mainstream. And it definitely isn’t. But.. It was MY DECISION (I don’t scream it out loud with anger, I say it with rather smile on my face) and that is what I needed – A path of my own. It didn’t seem right.. and it was enough for me to stop and think about this. I prayed God to help me deal with this.. and He did help me. My mother and my whole family, in fact, supported me (which was very important) because it would be very hard to live my life knowing that they are disappointed or somehow unsatisfied. I did it and I don’t regret it. 🙂 I have time to see what is happening around me and I can hear my heart telling me the things I love. It feels like a blurry picture that is being clarified. 🙂

So some of you may ask – what are you doing then? What is your daily routine?
Well, first of all, my aim wasn’t to jump from one stressful routine to another. I just wanted to have a STOP.. to have the chance to look at my life and see where I am going with this and why I am loosing my mind over something. But in the meantime I didn’t want to do absolutely nothing. So I find my own pace of doing things. So now I continue to work as a English home teacher and I have seriously taken on learning Norwegian. And while we’re on the subject.. I had an idea to post grammar and other things I learn here and put it under ”Norvēģu valoda (NORSK)” category but I won’t do it unless there are few people that really want me to do that. So this one is up to you. Leave your opinion in comments or write me personally. 🙂 Okay.. so what do I do other than this? I enjoy the ”little things” in life. I put it in quotation marks because I actually things of them as the the Big and Important things! ^^    Things as helping my parents, seeing my friends, playing with our dog and cat, loving my soon to be husband and praying.. a lot.

Today I had the first experiment with my wedding hairstyle. Agita (our wedding organizer and hopefully Kaspars’s brother’s girlfriend) recommended me Agnese (the hairdresser) and today we met. We bought some daisies (not real of course) and white pearls.. also black metal wire for my hairstyle. So we made curls and then we just tried different things. But I really liked that we put 3 daisies in the back (all hair are basically down) and we made like .. strings with white pearls that came from the daisies as if they were little stars. I won’t have wedding veil so we wanted to make something nice ourselves. I would put some photos but I still have the feeling as if I should wait until the wedding is over ;D Sorry! 🙂  We will meet again on the 25th of April to dye my hair and then on the 28th of April to have the last experiment for hair and also to put the make up on and see how it looks.

Few days ago I found a great website and a very interesting evangelist Ray Comfort. I Shared the NOAH video which was the first video I saw. I would like to put some links to videos and information about them:

They are easy to watch but they are incredibly interesting. 🙂 I was very interesting to realize that you need more faith to believe in Evolution than Creation. And other mind blowing facts. Enjoy! 🙂

Once again, Happy Carrot


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A Mini Post

I have a free time before I go to teach English for 3 hours.

It’s 10:08 a.m. and this is me :

Good morning!

So I’d like to explain to you how/where me and my family live. I live in Riga as you know, my sister moved to Daudzese (Never heard that one before, but it’s in Latvia) to live with her boyfriend. And my parents live in my mother’s parents’ house where Indra (sister) used to live. So the apartment now is rented by a young couple. My cat Feja lives in a house now and she has to get used to it and also get used to the dog Argo.

My sister is trying to get her things to Daudzese but she is doing that sooo slowly… I mean she just can’t find time to do it.. and my mom is angry that she can’t really tidy up and order things because of her belongings. But the best thing is it that the day before yesterday she decided to left a lot of clothes and well there are good ones too so now I’ll have few new clothes ^^

My cat just caught a mouse! It seems so cruel because cats don’t simply kill them and eat them. They hurt them then play with them and then MAYBE eat them! Well at least she has something to do and doesn’t feel bored.

English: Cat carrying a house mouse.

English: Cat carrying a house mouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (BTW not FEJA!!!)

再见 – that is Chinese for ”Bye”

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