Happy As A Fool :)

Today was a good day! Even though  the weather is not the most pleasant one.. So the day started very nice – I woke up and realized that today we work from 8:30 -13:00. Then I got to my floor and there was a nice surprise in the kitchen:
Manager's treatIt was our manager who had prepared a nice treat for his team before Easter. ^^
But the fun continued. When we got back from Norwegian classes at about 12:00, I sat down at my desk and wanted to turn on the mouse:
Usual mouseBut there was a VERY FUNNY SURPRISE:
I've been CAGED! ;DThanks Margarita! It was really very funny 😀   I got CAGED! ;DDDDDDDD
But this was not all… Alisa was quite suspicious today ;DD A moment later I got this on my desk:
Farwell from AlisaShe gave me Dylan which is a travel dog and wished me and Kaspars to have a nice trip. So sweet! Thanks! :)))
And last but not least…
Scilla ArmenaI saw Scilla Armena for the first time this year! 🙂
Now I am packing my bags and preparing for tomorrow’s flight.. I guess the only ones who are not happy with our absence are cats:
Little MessI hope I’ll have the time to write about my time spent in Zurich.

Excited Carrot!


Spirit Science

For those who read this post because it is in workout category I want to say that my illness is going away.. I only need to overpower the cough! And new sessions will BE!

As for those who like to peak into my life.. you can read below ;D

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen. ( Ok.. why the fck anyone would like to know that?) well I say that because I cleaned it today AGAIN.. my parents made dinner yesterday here and so I had to clean up again. |-(

I want to make your day brighter so here are two comics/stories which I read in the morning (Kaspars showed them to me).



That guy is great. I mean he used to be a good web designer but now he does his own thing besides we can see the designer skills also in the great comics of his! 🙂

I have also been trying to ”speak” mentally with my sister’s dog .. yes Argo. It sounds like high cherry-nuts, but hear me out – I am really curious about it since I started watching Spirit Science on youtube. (3rd episode btw) That guy is very interesting and he sure knows a lot of things 🙂  Go ahead and check him out –

Just start watching one by one.. no matter what the title is. You will find interesting facts even in those videos which would at first seem boring!!

I want to put some pictures because it is more interesting to watch then.. well I don’t have any new photos I guess, but I can show you my new start-up screen and tag in Counter-Strike:Source.. HERE IT IIIS!

A very beautiful blood elf ^^