Mysterious Midsummer Paddling

Sup everybody!

I mean Stand Up Paddle board 🤯

This is me and husbandito on SUP boards. It was such an amazing day!!! 👏 We paddleboarded across Daugava to the other side that you can see in the picture. It took us about 20 minutes. The weather was HOT and water was just delightful. On the other side of Daugava there is a place called ”Dragonfly” and I love it for its soft sand, just like you would see in a sea. I hate rocks and glass that is on this side 🤦🏽‍♀️ And so I swam there and then we just decided to lie on the boards and sunbathe. We were holding hands so that wherever the stream would take us, we would be together 🦋 I like how my sister described it – it is such a tranquillity here, nobody can ring you and nobody can just come up to you because you are in the middle of a fricking river 😂

I prepared small vegan bacon and oninion pies.

They were delicious! 🤤 And on the 23rd of June we drove to Ķegums to celebrate midsummer. We didn’t have rain or wind, it was just a calm and sunny evening! We played Mysterium, Uno and Monopoly the whole evening. We had to finish Monopoly so we drove home only after 3 am 😅 I won the Monopoly.. I had more that 7 k at the end 😎

I don’t remember when was the last time we actually stayed up that late on midsummer. And when we drove home skies were actually not that dark.

Also I was driving and then I suddenly saw ducklings standing between the lanes and I was quick enough on brakes and I waited for them to pass. They didn’t hesitate.. They were like: ” Ok, the big monster with flashing eyes has stopped. It’s now or never you guys. Gogogo!!!” Thankfully the cars behind me didn’t decide to overtake or change to the left lane or it would have been a blood bath!!! Maybe they also saw them crossing.

I have had so many encounters like that over the years. Foxes, rabbits, ducks, you name it. And I always see them on the side of the road and can brake quickly. I have never hit an animal with my car. Vegan achievement unlocked! 🤩 I feel like people are simply not being careful enough! When I am driving at night I tend to drive actually within the speed limit, because I know that the animals come out at night so it is very likely that I might encounter them. I guess not everybody really think about it like I do. I simply know that it would be very hard for me to get over that. I want to cry every time I don’t hit an animal, what would happen if I actually hit one? 😅

Some days after that I met my friend Ulla and her little princess Nelle and we sat at Ķīšezers lake. We were having a good time. We played around with the Tarot and talked. 

And look who visited us 😎

Who knows, maybe those were the same ones that I helped to cross the road?

I had 2 nectarines so I bit off pieces and gave it to them. They seemed to enjoy the fruit very much. I had read that bread is actually bad for the birds, because the food has little nutritional value and can harm ducklings’ growth, pollute waterways, and attract rodents and other pests according to 

I found a lipstick that I like. It was pretty expensive but I like both the texture and the colour obviously as well. Lancome 290 Poeme Matte. The color is great for office as well as nights out.

And I took a photo of my old office since we moved to the new location on Friday.

I love changes 🤓

It has already been 3 years since I started working in DNB. Don’t mind the Luminor.. nothing to do with my employer 😅 Its a different bank!






I already visited our floor and found my desk. It also had a few gifts. What a welcome! It really felt special!


Happy Carrot


Update for Daiga’s life NR.1

My life has been interesting these past few weeks. So the A1 level in Norwegian I passed with 95 % and in the end of the February we are having A2 level. I hope for a good mark. Fingers crossed! What is more, we also changed groups, so I have a different teacher now.

She is from Russia so she doesn’t speak Latvian at all. So the classes are in English. I like the fact that she doesn’t really have the accent that my previous teacher had and she also knows the language in more details, at least so it seems. And she speaks almost only Norwegian. So she even explains everything in Norwegian and I am able to understand most of it. And only when it is necessary she uses English. Also my desk now is on the 10th floor and I have a nice view still pretty close. There is a guy from Austria right next to me. It seems interesting to have a foreign college. AAAAnnnnd….. I really need to go to the bathroom!!!! And the husband is warming the bed for me… very impatient. 😀


The celebration of the 100th post and a new start for Happy Carrot!!!

And so my dear fellas,
I am extremely happy to announce that this isn’t just any 100th post.. I was saving something really good for this…


It took me more than a month but it was totally worth it!!!! So starting from the 5th January, 2015 I will begin my Norwegian courses and the job training as well :))))))  I am extremely excited!!! n______________________________n

And so I guess it is also an appropriate time to mention that on the 24th of November I had my last working day as a dealer (although I didn’t know anything about the new job, I was fed up with not loving what I do 🙂

The building where I will work is very modern and I loved every minute when I walked in there for the last interview. Now I will have a dream come-true  – I’ve always loved paperwork and a light office with big windows! (Especially when you compare casino with no windows at all!!!!! ) I am sure that this is only the beginning ^^


Let’s quit our job!!!

The 100th post will probably be about my new job.. but so far I can only say that I am very excited!! Both companies are still considering me and I still have a chance to get one or the other job!  On 13th of November at 11:00 I have a group discussion in English for DnB Bank Transaction Processing Operator vacancy and later on at 16:00 I will go to biggest Norwegian IT company ”EVRY” for 40 minute questionnaire that involves logical thinking.

I am excited and it is good to know that I have a plan A and a plan B – HOW TO GET OUT OF THE CURRENT JOB.

I have a plan that I could have my last day on 16th of December because on 15th of December I receive my bonus and then I have a lot time for myself including Christmas and New Year’s Eve!! I am SO NOT DEALING CARDS on Christmas! Even if I don’t get a new job I am not staying! I will manage and I will find a different way. But I feel quite confident about myself and I feel like I can get both of the jobs. Of course I am more interested in bank job as it has a bigger salary and probably greater career opportunities but I am excited about both of them because I will have more responsibilities either way. I just want to use my brains! My analytical thinking! My ideas! My potential! I am so thirsty for knowledge and new challenges! AAAANNND   they both need Norwegian! And that is a major thing – I will continue to learn the language and even use it at work. I am excited and I can’t stress it enough!

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!

Excited Carrot

Norwegian A1 – CHECK!

WOOOHOOOOO!!!!  Jeg er ferdig med norskkurs A1! :)))) ( I have finished my Norwegian course)
It was great! And I still want to continue with a new one. But before I jump into that  – I have two new job opportunities.  So I have sent my CV and application letter to the largest Norway IT company and if I get the job they will pay for 4 month Norwegian learning course and they will teach me to do the job.. And today I found out about new opportunity – to work in DnB Nord bank.. they will provide me with 6 month Norwegian learning course ( and meanwhile I get paid VERY WELL ) and then they teach me to do the job they need me to do and I get paid even BETTER!   So obviously I am more excited about the job in the bank so I am about to send my info to them because this is just GREAT! 🙂

So I am still working at that damn casino.. and today was one of the days when I just wanted to start shouting and run out of the building never looking back ;D  Horrible place for people who value intelligence. I only want to get my big salary (as I had the promotion) and I also have to work until 15th of November if I want to get my bonus which will be 200 – 300 EUR (depending on my performance)… so I kinda want the bonus and I will do my best not to hand in the resignation again ;DDD ( It’s REALLY hard by the way .. )

What else..? Well yesterday we gave pills to the kittens and we should get them vaccinated next week. They are growing bigger and smarted. De er veldig fine. (They are very nice)

My mum had her 50th birthday on 28th October and me, Kaspars, my sister and her groom bought her Phillips Smart TV.   Umm… what else… well there are new people around me but I feel a little bit sad that I have lost the contact with some of the old ones.

My health is deteriorating.. and I guess it’s because of the job. It’s frustrating!!  Nothing bad though … only panic attacks when the lights get switched off and my nausea has turned into puking reflex (without actually puking anything..)

Ok.. for now that is it. I hope to come back really soon and maybe even with some photos 🙂  Maybe on my 100th post.. Its coming soon by the way >: )

And I just wanted to let you know that my husband also got salary increase.. so we both got kind a promoted in October 🙂  I am very happy for him because he really deserves it! I know how smart he is and how he can solve things when others can’t. He is a brilliant mind! 🙂

The day started so so… and now   here I am  :

Happy Carrot once again!