The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Good morning!

It is the first time in my blog history that I miss a month (several, actually.. 4?) of writing my blog. But I feel like a winner because a lot of things have happened since the last post and just in the direction I would want them to. So I will be coming back and adding one or few more but this one will be about me trying to do an experiment :D:D

So.. If you want to know what it is and how it can help your health, I recommend reading a book ”The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz. Even if you have not had any liver or gallbladder problems that you know of, the author has explained human digestive system in so much detail that you will be amazed and thinking: ”How could I possibly be reading this only now?” This book helped me to understand how important it is to clean ones colon. Even if you have relatively regular bowel movements, it does not necessarily mean that you have a clean colon.

The junk food that we eat, especially meat, take a lot of time to congest and can linger there for too much. This is also the case if you eat lunch and after an hour you are taking a snack and so on through out the day. This means that the digestive system has not finished digesting the lunch but you are already putting something else in and therefore has to abandon the lunch which starts to putrefy and a lot of times if not all leads to bloating and toxins being absorbed back into our blood stream and the liver, which affects the bile production. This lunch may become very dry and stick to the walls of the large intestine. You will get the the same effect if you eat a lot of processed food which usually is low in water and fibre and is harder to break down in the large intestine. Many people with constipation problems now that fruits are the best ting to eat if you want to get a bowel movement. They are high in water and fiber. (By the way, meat does not contain any fiber and our digestive system is really trying very hard to get it out.) Anyway.. this is only one thing that contributes to formation of gallstones. You can read about other factors in his book or in his youtube channel (in the post below).

My experience:

This Monday I began my preparation for the flush by drinking 1 litre of apple juice a day. Half an hour before or 2 and a half hours after eating. I was drinking apple juice 6 days. And I could eat anything except meat, dairy, fried food (I had some fried food though) and there was one condition – the food and the drinks must be warm or at least in room temperature.
On Friday I had a colon cleanse at the nearest colon cleanse practitioner.
On Saturday (yesterday) I drank a litre of apple juice right after waking up. Then I ate lunch ( basmati rice with steamed vegetables) at about 12:00 and after 13:30 PM I was not allowed to eat anything but water.
At 18:00 I made a jar with 720 ml water and 4 tablespoons Epsom salts and divided that in 4 portions and drank the 1st portion.
At 20:00 I drank the 2nd portion.
At 21:30 I did an enema to initiate bowel movement.
At 21:45 I squeezed grapefruit juice out (3/4 glass) and mixed it with extra virgin olive oil (1/2 glass). Shake it for about 20 times.
At 22:00 I was standing next to my bed, drank all the olive oil mixture. And lay down in the bed with head higher than the stomach. I was laying quietly for 20 minutes and then I fell asleep.
At 0:52 I woke up nauseated but went back to sleep.
At 1:58 I woke up again but could not sleep because I felt very nauseated. Went to the toilet, had some bowel movement and then I vomited a lot of the grapefruit juice mixture. Then I felt good ;D And slept the whole night til 6:00.
At 6:00 I drank the 3rd portion of epsom salts.
At 8:00 I drank the last portion of epsom salts.
Now it is 08:56 and I am running to the bathroom every 20 minutes and there are coming out several green gallstones that are mostly formed of old bile and also sand-like powder (from calcified stones) that sinks. I was surprised that I vomited because I did not think that it was the part of the plan because I did everything by the book. Then I looked it up and I actually find explanation in Andreas’s book:

Feeling Sick During the Cleanse

If you have followed all of the directions given in the outlined
procedure properly but feel sick sometime during the actual liver
flush, please don’t feel alarmed that there is something wrong.
Although rare, it sometimes happens that a person may vomit or be
nauseated during the night. This is caused by the gallbladder ejecting
bile and gallstones with such force that it shoots the oil back into the
stomach. When the oil returns to the stomach, you get sick. In such an
instance, you may be able to feel the expulsion of stones. It will not
be a sharp pain, just a mild contraction.
During one of my 12 liver cleanses, I spent a miserable night. But
despite throwing up most of the oil mixture, the cleanse was just as
successful as all the others I had done (the oil had already done its
job, that is, prompting the release of gallstones). If this happens to
you, remember that this is only one night of discomfort. Recovery
from conventional gallbladder surgery involves many more months of
pain and suffering as the scar tissue mends.

So the cleanse was successful because there are stones coming out but I hope that the next time the oil will not come back in my stomach so much that I have to puke it out.
AAAND.. On Tuesday I have another colon cleanse scheduled. It is very crucial to clean out the large intestine after the liver flush, because some stones may stay in the beginning of the large intestine and they are not so easy to get out with enema.

I have to do these cleanses at least 6 times. And I can be sure that my liver and gallbladder is clean only when the last 2 times there is nothing coming out. So I will keep the series going :D:D

Btw.. I found out about this when I watched Teals video about acne. Very good one:

If you want to know more about Andreas’s teaching and this cleanse, check out his channel (but the book is a must though):

I will add some photos of the stones. (It’s a pity that I decided to collect them in a jar only after my 3rd bowel movement 😀 but I will get my chance next time. I collected some though 🙂 )

Happy Carrot with cleaner liver

Here is one photo of some of the stones. The ones that are brighter are a bit calcified around. But most of them are green and made of old bile 🙂

Gross.. I know! But there is no poop! 😀 Only stones. (Because I had not eaten almost a day at that time)


Vegan or not?

June was quite interesting. We went to a wedding. It was really nice. We had some romantic moments especially in the car.

Then another day we drove to Madona with the same car (Which belongs to my father) and it had again problems with starting up. We ended up pushing the car while we were in the graveyard ;D Actually it was Kaspars and his grandparents who pushed the car, because I was driving. My first problems with a car. 😉

Last Saturday it was a teambuilding event for my departement. We had fun time and especially while climbing the thing which was called ”Vells” (translates to Devil). When I got up approximately 2 meters.. my heart started to race and I was in doubt and wasn’t sure if I could do climb any further. I just took some deep breaths and ended up climbing to the top. My colleague helped me a lot by shouting ”Daiga, you can do it!”.

And last but not least... Another attempt of mine to go vegan. Since June 16th I haven’t eaten any meat and I don’t know why but it has been very easy. So I have a feeling that I won’t bounce back to eating it again. But we’ll see of course. And there are other animal products. I haven’t bought milk in few months now although it was my favourite drink together with dinner. The three products that I find most difficult to cut out are sour cream, cheese and eggs. For me meat is the one product that I don’t want to go back because it makes me feel sad to eat a dead animal. The rest of animal products I just want to minimize as much as possible because they don’t have so many benefits. As I also don’t like these labels ”vegan” or ”vegetarian” or ”meat eater” I just call myself a person that avoids eating animal products.

Why am I doing this? I have to be honest here: It wasn’t the fact that someone is dying that struck me the most or made me think about what I am eating. Because I know that animals also have a soul and they still live on and we can see other animals eating each other in nature. So for me firstly it was Teal Swan who talked about so called ”spiritual diet”. Because I was and still am very interested in achieving OBE on regular basis and I wanted to make my body more alkaline so that it is more likely to happen.

And I just understood how healthy it is to cut out animal products and how it could change my health for good. Later on it was Freelee the Banana girl who can be quite harsh sometimes but I guess that that is what I like about her. She is direct and honest. I felt inspired looking at her body and knowing that she is doing all the right things regarding the diet and seeing her blending some fruits and repeating ” you can eat as much as you can! No calories restriction!” just made sense to me because I did not want to do that. She made me buy a blender, finally. Thank god! Now I can have my smoothies!

So now when I think about meat and other animal products I also have this good feeling that no one has to get hurt because of me and this is a big bonus. So I see this as a win – win situation. I get my beauty, strength and health and animals get to live on. And I am not there yet to make other people think about going vegan as Freelee is doing this. I am happy that someone is doing this ;D But when it comes to me I just want to make myself feel good and when another person is ready to listen about this lifestyle I will be more that glad to share ideas. P.s. you can find both Teal Swan and Freelee on youtube.

Oh and one more thing – after not eating meat and minimal amount of animal products just for 5 days I felt my skin go soooo soft. I didn’t know that my skin can be so soft! I am amazed! My acne is getting better and my intestines are feeling a lot better.
I have been trying go vegan for a long time and I also had a lot of doubts about protein which we can get from meat and dairy.. and it turn out that there are a lot of plants that can give you full protein. One of my favourite ones are buckwheat and amaranth. 🙂

And now photos and videos!:

My breakfast today 🙂

Yesterday: +31 C

My colleague tries to make me smile.

Teambuilding dinner – burgers! For me – peasburger ;D


To make my workplace look more nice 🙂

Kaspars took a photo because he thought I look sexy

New bikini


Sandcastle 2

Daiga happy on the beach

Fint, ikke sant?

The next day after our friend’s wedding

Rundales castle

Typical Latvia’s view

Hailey is pooping ;DDD


Happy carrot was very very sad  but now she is trying to get back on her feet!


Question Everything… right?

So today I would like to share with some good videos.
For nearly a year I have been listening to different spiritual teachers (not so much the religious teachers) and recently I have really started to think about changing the diet which would mean to exclude all animal products. So basically veganism. To make such a decision I really needed more to know about this. Because in our culture there are so many lies that have been told so many times that people do not even question it any more. I also intend to have family in near future so I also have to think about the diet that would benefit the baby. And then there are sentences that come to my mind: ”Milk gives you calcium”  OK. But can’t you get it from somewhere else? Sure you can. ”Meat gives you protein.” OK. But can’t you get it from somewhere else? Sure you can.  And so this continues.. not to mention the fact that you are also consuming unnecessary contents. I had a lot of questions but very few answers. So here was a great video that explained more about the nutrition:

And you know it also seems fair that you don’t eat your pet as well as other animals. Because… where is the difference? Culture? But that is not enough. I am not getting crazy about this…. eating animal products…it just do not make sense any more not only from a moral perspective but also when it comes to nutrition. And the best way to make sure about something is try it yourself right? So far it seems a healthy path to take.. just have to get familiar with all that and find new recipes. So I will let you know more about this when I will have mapped everything out because I eat A LOT of dairy 😀 So I actually have to change a lot of products that I buy.

Another thing that I would like to talk about is vaccines. I have not been curious about them the same way I have not been questioning the food industry… as I said ” A lie that has been told so many times that it becomes the truth”. The ultimate question is  if there is no proof that the vaccines actually prevent from getting a virus.. then WHY THE F*** ARE EXPERIMENTING LIKE THAT? Wouldn’t it make more sense to know what we are doing here? This video is quite long so I guess only really interested people will watch the whole thing.

I am really concerned about the way we do things on earth. Everything is so destructive..  I would like to see a information age that tells the truth! I would live in a world where people can eat what they want and they know why. And when it comes to vaccines.. the fact that you are mandatory to put chemicals in your baby and yourself is just absurd. Freedom? That is an illusion. People should be allowed to make their decision about anything when it comes to their own body and life.

I am just trying to comprehend the world that I am living in and the best way to live for myself. Question everything, please! Question also me and this post. Find your own truth and your own path! 🙂