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VIP Carrot

10th October was the day when I handed in my resignation.. but I ended up with a promotion ;DDD Now I am a VIP dealer and my intro manager is talking to me about diamond dealers 😀  And I am dedicated dealer as well.. here is a photo of different dress I wear when I go one of the dedicated area:
Me at Work

And on 16th October it was my names day which was kind of disaster but at least my husband is so wonderful that he gave me a present and bought a cocktail that I love called ”Heart in Love”  ( I know it sounds funny but it tastes GREAT! :))))    )   And this Monday he is taking me on a little trip 🙂 I don’t know where to and that’s exciting.. Kaspars is just…  the best husband!  (I love you, btw 🙂 )

And now I have 4 days off and yesterday was my last working day before them and I was quite happy so some photos were made:



Together with my love ^^

Happy Carrot and little bit Crazy ;D

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So as many of you may know – I work as an online dealer.. and you know how we say:
Please, place your bets. It’s betting time!”

Well.. I always notice things like this… so I figured it’s funny enough to write it here. Basically what I hear sometimes is this:

Please, place your bats. It’s petting time!

Makes me smile every time! ;DDD

Funny Carrot ;D

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Jeg heter Daiga! (My name is Daiga)

And I will start Norwegian course on 9th September. I will learn level A1 and it will cost me 256 EUR.
I am soooo excited about this. During this spring I was trying to learn something on my own but I always needed to clear things out and I was bugging my sister.. and sometimes I just could not fully understand something.. and it was discouraging. But now this is happening. I will receive my salary on 5th of September and I will pay half of the total sum. I even got my schedule all worked out so that I can go learn Norwegian on Tuesdays and Thursdays. :)))))))

And yes.. I am still working as an online dealer. After I learn Norwegian .. I am getting out of there! ;D I need to exercise my brains and learn something new! So I can’t stay there!

(Happy Carrot)


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I Have a Job!

Okay! So I can’t really discuss the details, but I have a new job!! YAY!
I am an online dealer. I started working this week and today we had a flip flop veteran party and it was great.
We ate delicious food and drank fruit juices.
I really like the other trainees (we are 7 right now) and I think that working there will be a really good experience. It has been so far.
They pay really good and the work itself isn’t very hard physically but you have to be on alert not to make mistakes or if you do – not let them to be approved. I kinda like the fact that I have the responsibility.. I take it as a compliment!
At work.. everyone is surprised by the fact that I am married… and I’m 19. But they don’t know the full story .. so I don’t blame them! 🙂

Aaand… the wedding photos probably will be available in the beginning of July. Sorry! 😉

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