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I Loved December 2014

And it is time for some colourful photos and videos 🙂
So this is how I spent most of December:


I met Arta and Beatrise 🙂

Me, Arta, Beatrise

In Christmas Evening me, Kaspars and Madara baked Chocolate Cheese Cake With CHERRIES!

Chocolate cheese cake with cherries


And we didn’t have any snow until the Christmas morning. Miracle! Boom!

At my parents house in Ķegums


And on the 27th of December we had the chance to take my sister’s car and so we did. Me and Kaspars decided to go for a trip. We drove almost 200 km and the day was sunny and just great! We ate lunch at a restaurant in Skrīveri and as all of this was kind of spontaneous we were there at 11:57 AM and the place was open from 12:00 PM so it was a perfect timing 🙂 Then we went to Sigulda and then back home. The roads weren’t icy and it was easy to drive 🙂

And now some photos of our kittens..
So this is quite an old one.. It was the first time when we had left them alone during the day and this is how they looked like when Kaspars walked into the room:

Watching Closely

They love to sleep close to us, on us or at least under the blanket (Haley especially)

I love when they sleep next to each other

In this photo Haley actually looks like a toy.. so cute and so still 🙂

Kitten has given up

This one is REALLY FUNNY! Because the look so..  I can’t describe it. I call this picture ”THE CATS IN BLACK

Funny… every time I look ;DD

And now double cuteness in a bowl:

And last but not least.. FLOWER OF LIFE! 🙂  The upper one is the first one and as you can see it isn’t as awesome as the second one. So the lower one is the flower of life I finished to colour just now. And I used 7 colours as in our chakra system.

Flower of Life. First on the top. Second is dedicated to the chakras.

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice week!
Colourful Carrot!

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Haley :)

Haley discovers new way how to play with the ball!

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Playing Around

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Haley & Sunny

Little KittensSo these are our little girls – Haley & Sunny. They are 2 months and 2 weeks old.
Haley is a little bit shy but she is the one who was purring for the first time. Sunny is more social and she is also more active. But the important thing is that they like each other and they play together. We are hoping that they will share their litter box as well. 🙂

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Hedgehoggiddy hog hog hog!

First I would like you to watch this video. I and Kaspars were walking through the park when I saw this cute little thing. Sorry about my Latvian – but you will get the point anyway ;D

And now I would like to put some photos of my parents’ house. It is possible to live in this room only during the summer, because during winter there is no heating. I and Kaspars helped my parents to make this:

1 - Before 2 - After

1 – Before
2 – After

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