Vegan or not?

June was quite interesting. We went to a wedding. It was really nice. We had some romantic moments especially in the car.

Then another day we drove to Madona with the same car (Which belongs to my father) and it had again problems with starting up. We ended up pushing the car while we were in the graveyard ;D Actually it was Kaspars and his grandparents who pushed the car, because I was driving. My first problems with a car. 😉

Last Saturday it was a teambuilding event for my departement. We had fun time and especially while climbing the thing which was called ”Vells” (translates to Devil). When I got up approximately 2 meters.. my heart started to race and I was in doubt and wasn’t sure if I could do climb any further. I just took some deep breaths and ended up climbing to the top. My colleague helped me a lot by shouting ”Daiga, you can do it!”.

And last but not least... Another attempt of mine to go vegan. Since June 16th I haven’t eaten any meat and I don’t know why but it has been very easy. So I have a feeling that I won’t bounce back to eating it again. But we’ll see of course. And there are other animal products. I haven’t bought milk in few months now although it was my favourite drink together with dinner. The three products that I find most difficult to cut out are sour cream, cheese and eggs. For me meat is the one product that I don’t want to go back because it makes me feel sad to eat a dead animal. The rest of animal products I just want to minimize as much as possible because they don’t have so many benefits. As I also don’t like these labels ”vegan” or ”vegetarian” or ”meat eater” I just call myself a person that avoids eating animal products.

Why am I doing this? I have to be honest here: It wasn’t the fact that someone is dying that struck me the most or made me think about what I am eating. Because I know that animals also have a soul and they still live on and we can see other animals eating each other in nature. So for me firstly it was Teal Swan who talked about so called ”spiritual diet”. Because I was and still am very interested in achieving OBE on regular basis and I wanted to make my body more alkaline so that it is more likely to happen.

And I just understood how healthy it is to cut out animal products and how it could change my health for good. Later on it was Freelee the Banana girl who can be quite harsh sometimes but I guess that that is what I like about her. She is direct and honest. I felt inspired looking at her body and knowing that she is doing all the right things regarding the diet and seeing her blending some fruits and repeating ” you can eat as much as you can! No calories restriction!” just made sense to me because I did not want to do that. She made me buy a blender, finally. Thank god! Now I can have my smoothies!

So now when I think about meat and other animal products I also have this good feeling that no one has to get hurt because of me and this is a big bonus. So I see this as a win – win situation. I get my beauty, strength and health and animals get to live on. And I am not there yet to make other people think about going vegan as Freelee is doing this. I am happy that someone is doing this ;D But when it comes to me I just want to make myself feel good and when another person is ready to listen about this lifestyle I will be more that glad to share ideas. P.s. you can find both Teal Swan and Freelee on youtube.

Oh and one more thing – after not eating meat and minimal amount of animal products just for 5 days I felt my skin go soooo soft. I didn’t know that my skin can be so soft! I am amazed! My acne is getting better and my intestines are feeling a lot better.
I have been trying go vegan for a long time and I also had a lot of doubts about protein which we can get from meat and dairy.. and it turn out that there are a lot of plants that can give you full protein. One of my favourite ones are buckwheat and amaranth. 🙂

And now photos and videos!:

My breakfast today 🙂

Yesterday: +31 C

My colleague tries to make me smile.

Teambuilding dinner – burgers! For me – peasburger ;D


To make my workplace look more nice 🙂

Kaspars took a photo because he thought I look sexy

New bikini


Sandcastle 2

Daiga happy on the beach

Fint, ikke sant?

The next day after our friend’s wedding

Rundales castle

Typical Latvia’s view

Hailey is pooping ;DDD


Happy carrot was very very sad  but now she is trying to get back on her feet!



Appreciate Yourself And The Things That Surround You

Last few months I have been obsessed with the Bible, science, all kinds of theories about humans and this universe. And I don’t mean like read a little bit of this and that, but really study, talk to people, watch a lot of videos, observe world around me. I accepted the Bible because I found enough proof for myself to know it is true. I accepted Jesus, because I could not deny that he is the most famous person who has ever lived and it is a fact that he did live. I even got baptised. Everything was great.. yet I still had a feeling that I don’t know everything. Well that’s common sense. I still don’t.  But I started to seek out for more information. And the Bible says ” Those who seek shall find”. So I continued my search. At the moment I am reading a book called ”Astral Projection – Amazing Journeys Outside Your Body” by Abhishek Agarwal. If you don’t know what astral projection is then you can google it or even find many videos where people talk about their experience. I first came to know about this in ”Spirit Science” channel on youtube more than a year ago but know it seemed even more interesting because I found that the Bible also speaks about a person even without it’s body. Right now I am trying to improve my meditations, relaxations and hopefully to experience astral projection (a.k.a. out of body experience – OOBE). As I have had one or two OOBE’s myself (when you realize in your dream that you are dreaming) I wanted to try this out. This takes a lot of practise and time so I will let you know how it goes. Other than that.. today I accidentally came across a video about ”Theory of Everything” by Tray Smith. A very intelligent guy who has definitely  done his research. He talks about the things I have already checked to be true so it was interesting to listen to him as our view on things went hand in hand.
It is more of a film so if you don’t have the time right now, watch it later. I loved his mathematical precision, how he puts the Evolution to bed and other things just became much clearer as I already know most of it (and agreed with it).
Here it is:

P.s. I am not religious anymore. I found my answers and found out that Christianity is too narrow. / update from 2017