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All or nothing

I have decided to make several posts today. And I feel like starting with the topics that are more philosophical and creative. Always when I have not been writing here for a while I tend to write a list with the highlights that are important to write about. So I guess I will dive right into it:
First thing that I want to write about is ”PRISCA THEOLOGIA”. I found a video which is actually divided into 2 parts and is a lecture in a university, I guess. So if you are a person who is constantly trying to understand more about the universe I recommend you to watch these:

And if you have not seen spirit science talking about human history I will put a link right here as well:

I know that these videos are quite long but lets be frank – there is nothing short and fast about our history and how everything sums up, so I expect only the ones who truly seek answers to watch both videos. Expand your horizon. I did and its amazing.

There was a time when I was convinced that Christianity is the answer to everything. You know the holy book is great, if you have read it you cannot deny its value, but there is this sentence in the bible Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” So I kinda of talked to God in my mind as in a prayer and said ” I know that all I have learned about Christianity is great and the idea is also great, but when I watch some videos ( at that time it is was spirit science’s all videos) I just have this feeling that this makes so much sense and so knowing the fact that Hebrew was a complicated language, I always had the feeling that the things we read in the bible are not what there is to see, but that there is a bigger picture that people refuse to see due to holding on too tight to modern Christian dogma. So I said to God ” Sorry that I am researching and reading about the things that make sense to me, but you have said that I can seek and then I will find..”  Actually the fact itself that God does not want me to expand my knowledge does not make sense! If so.. then it is not the God that I want to believe in. So I began my journey and I found mind blowing information. I have gathered my hole picture for now form spirit science, Teal Swan and Prisca Theologia. The only thing that I am not sure to agree with is what the man who talked about prisca theologia says:  that Jesus was not a real person. I lean more towards what Teal have said, that Jesus was a real person, and he had achieved high level of spirituality including the fact that he was an alchemist and at that time Jesus tried to show every body that ”The God is within you” and as he was talking about it and doing miracles people were not open to the idea enough and so they understood that Jesus must be the God himself. And you know where this has lead to today. People still believe that there is a person that will set them free and so on. But it is not the Jesus himself, it is you who create everything that there is. And in Prisca Theologia videos you can also learn interesting information that there was a deeper meaning behind the stories in Bible. I felt so happy when I actually found facts that support my theory that there should be a bigger picture.

And there is, so enjoy! 🙂

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Appreciate Yourself And The Things That Surround You

Last few months I have been obsessed with the Bible, science, all kinds of theories about humans and this universe. And I don’t mean like read a little bit of this and that, but really study, talk to people, watch a lot of videos, observe world around me. I accepted the Bible because I found enough proof for myself to know it is true. I accepted Jesus, because I could not deny that he is the most famous person who has ever lived and it is a fact that he did live. I even got baptised. Everything was great.. yet I still had a feeling that I don’t know everything. Well that’s common sense. I still don’t.  But I started to seek out for more information. And the Bible says ” Those who seek shall find”. So I continued my search. At the moment I am reading a book called ”Astral Projection – Amazing Journeys Outside Your Body” by Abhishek Agarwal. If you don’t know what astral projection is then you can google it or even find many videos where people talk about their experience. I first came to know about this in ”Spirit Science” channel on youtube more than a year ago but know it seemed even more interesting because I found that the Bible also speaks about a person even without it’s body. Right now I am trying to improve my meditations, relaxations and hopefully to experience astral projection (a.k.a. out of body experience – OOBE). As I have had one or two OOBE’s myself (when you realize in your dream that you are dreaming) I wanted to try this out. This takes a lot of practise and time so I will let you know how it goes. Other than that.. today I accidentally came across a video about ”Theory of Everything” by Tray Smith. A very intelligent guy who has definitely  done his research. He talks about the things I have already checked to be true so it was interesting to listen to him as our view on things went hand in hand.
It is more of a film so if you don’t have the time right now, watch it later. I loved his mathematical precision, how he puts the Evolution to bed and other things just became much clearer as I already know most of it (and agreed with it).
Here it is:

P.s. I am not religious anymore. I found my answers and found out that Christianity is too narrow. / update from 2017

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