About Blog

So in few words.. This blog is about me.
This is about my life, my family, my friends, my choices, my experiences, my thoughts.

This is a true story of a girl who is trying to become a Happy Carrot!

Everything I write here is true. It is like a public diary. ;D Except I have many real diaries (I am writing my 8th right now) where I have written some things I did not have the courage to write here. Aaand actually – please, don’t feel like I have cut you all out of my interesting stuff because there are many things my diary haven’t seen but you all have! So enjoy! Always share with your opinion, comments and your own experiences – that’s why it’s public – you can read and leave your thoughts as well. 🙂

And my moto goes like this:

Knowledge is Power
Wisdom is Happiness
Truth is Freedom

And my new one since 2018 is:

Connection through Expression
Passionate Power and Feminine Flower


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