What can be useful to know about me?

My name is Daiga Liepa, but before I married it was Karpoviča (”č” is like ”ch” in cheese). I have born in an electrician’s and an accountant’s family and I have a big sister Indra. All my life I have been living in Ķegums but since August, 2013 until now I live in Riga. And in 2013 I started studying Computer Systems at Riga’s Technical University (didn’t finish) and also started living in Riga with my love – Kaspars. Now I work at DNB and use my Norwegian skills everyday. In 2017 I started studying psychology which will be very needed for my life’s purpose.

I have green eyes and I am a lion..
I write diary since I was 10 years old;
Gamer for life (love CS:GO);
I am a vegan (since 2015);
Favourite school subjects – Mathematics and lunch break;
I consider myself to be a musical person;
I even have my own poetry;
My character – honest, caring, very quick-witted and logical girl;
I Believe in Source Conciousness (some people call it God);
I learn everyday about me and the Universe;
Right now I am writing on my sweet ASUS Ultrabook CARROT;
I have never broken any of my bones;
I have a tattoo of Flower of Life;
I speak Latvian (native), Russian (A2), English (C1 maybe?) and Norwegian (B2);
I hope that this blog will be an inspiration for you with some useful information maybe as well 🙂

Me and my husband


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