I was taught this nice handcraft by Madara. Big Thanks to her, because I have made it as a gift to many people because they are great keyrings and earrings. To make one crocodile I need 50 minutes.

We will need 1 m fishing twine (Transparent would be the best. I use the size of 0.30 ) and of course appropriate size and your chosen color beads.

1) LOOP – Put together both ends of the twine and make a loop in the middle of twine ( it is 0.5 m from both ends).

Both ends together and the middle

Loop in the middle

***There are 2 pictures and you can choose the colors of crocodile  – one side you can make for example BLUE and the other one – GREEN. Beading is done sequentially 1,2,3…. so it means that you have to switch from one picture to another and then back again.***

Upside in one color (Blue for example)

Downside (Green for example) and legs

2) Getting on the beads – First you get on 2 beads (or 2 green cubes as in the picture) and it does not matter on which half you put it.

Getting on the first 2 beads

  • And you take the other tip and get it through those 2 beads contrary.

    Getting the other tip through contrary

  • Pull both tips contrary until those 2 beads are placed next to the loop.

    Next to loop

3)Next you take another 2 color beads and again get on the twine and then get other tip through those beads contrary.

These are 2 rows ( 1st and 2nd)

4)This is how you continue moving on by the rows numbers and switching the colors (if you want 2 color-crocodile), blue, green, blue, green, and ofcourse by changing the number of beads accordingly to the pattern , make sure that blue is next to blue and green is next to green… WITH I MEAN THAT –> Sometimes pulling and getting the beads next to the loop.. well the beads can end up in the wrong place – they have to be up if they are from upside pattern and the same goes to the downside. You fix it manually.

***When few rows are done you can see that in both sides where the colors change a ZIG ZAG pattern appears like   /\/\/\/\/\/\ ***

5)Eyes are made simply by putting different color.

6)Legs are made the same – using 6 beads. Usually they are made in the same color as the downside but it is your call. When you finish the 13th row, first you have to put also the 14th row as usual ( 5 beads ).

7) And then you put on each twine ends 6 beads (marked with ”X” in the pattern).

For each one 6 beads

Each one is made individually. Skipping the 3 beads ( those which are further away from the body ) you put the same twine through the 3 beads (which are closer to the body). And pull those beads together and next to the body. 3 outside beads will make a loop and it will look as a paw.

Skip 3 and put twine through first 3 beads

8)When both front legs are made  you can simply continue with 15th row as usual.

***The same way you make the back legs. Put the 23rd and 24th row (7 beads each ). And then make legs on each sides (6 beads each again) and then continue with 25th row with 6 beads.***

Crocodilly earring

You can replace loop with earring and wear them.
Send me links with photos, show me how you did it and leave a comments and questions below or email me (My email is in Contact page)!


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