Clean Your PC

Hey! I will show you how you can clean your PC using Malwarebytes. It can clean things that maybe your anti-virus program can’t. It is good to do these things once a month, especially if you usually install programs just by clicking ”yes, I agree – next – next – next – finish”. It means that you usually install one or two more programs just because of this. Sometimes these are viruses and other crap.

NOTE: DO this when you don’t have to do anything on PC. While you’re at work or simply reading a book. It may take from 30 min to one hour or more. It depends.

1. Go to

2. Press Download Now.
3. Press Save.

4. When it is done, Install the program.
5. After installing the program, open it, and go to section ”Scanner” and set it to ”Full Scan” and then press Scan!

6. This takes a lot of resources of your PC, so it may not only be slow but any actions you do – slow down the scanning process itself.
7. It will tell you when the scanning is done.
8. Pres the button ”Show Results”
9. Check ALL boxes (The program unfortunately doesn’t have one ”check all” button |-(  . . . ) and theeen
10. Remove Selected
11. And if it asks, you should restart it – that would be more efficient!
should not do important things while Malwarebytes is scanning

12. Repeat this. The more the better!


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