Make Chocolate cake with oranges fast. 

Dark cake’s ready-made dough:

1 glass seed oil

1 glass water

2 peeled oranges

1 ”Laimas” dark chocolate ( or any that you like )

1)First in a big bowl put the ready-made dough then add water and stir it.
2)Now add oil and stir it again. And wait 5 minutes.
3)Chocolate has to be broken in smalled pieces than it is already offered (as in bars). Add it to dough.
4)Oranges first have to be cut in 4-6 lobes, then you cut each one of them so that you get 3-6 pieces from one lobe (It depends on how big pieces you want). Add to dough.
5)Now all that you pour on cake’s form or pan. From my experience NO oil on the form/pan is needed because it is already put it dough. We cook approximately 30 minutes. Top of the cake has to be crunchy, but the inside should be pretty soft.

I pattered grated chocolate on the cake


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