Very Competitive Mode

I have to say that things are really going very fast and also in the right direction ( so it seems ). 🙂 So as some of you may already know I and my husband went to Switzerland for Easter holidays. Please forgive me that I haven’t shared some photos.. So I will do it now 🙂 There are a lot of photos of nice view in Switzerland. There are also the family that showed us around and welcomed us as guests.

We had the chance to live in Zurich’s hotel Sheraton. We drove to Luzern, Viamala and other nice places. Here are just the photos but in few words… We called ourselves as mountain junkies because we just were astonished by them. We took a lot of photos as well. We saw the biggest clock in Europe which is actually bigger than Big Ben ( the diameter of the clock itself is about 8 meters ). Then the amazing Viamala which is just a deep gorge between mountains. And the water was green everywhere and it was drinkable. Sweet. (a-face-of-approval). Also we ate lunch in the restaurant that you see in one photo.. there are queues all the time! Did you know that Logitech is a swiss company? And we also walked through the Bahnhof strasse. Tina Turner lives nearby ;D

Photos are here:

So at work everything is fabulous! I am now at my new department and we are learning the new processes. Also I am on my way to learn B2 level for Norwegian. On the 15th of August I am having my exam. After that I will get a salary increase. Fint, ikke sant? But I mean.. the job itself is so satisfying. I actually enjoy it. A lot! So interesting things going on and so interesting things that you can learn 🙂

Valts got baptized! He was so adorable in his costume. And he has his sneaky smile. Cuuutee!

We also bought a carpet that is under our tables now, because the chairs that we have were destroying the floor :F

Tomorrow we are planning to have a CS:GO marathon. We are going to buy all the food we need and then play CS:GO Competitive mode.. pretty much all day. FINALLY! >:)


1st Day of Switzerland

Hello! 🙂
So we got up very early and were on our way to airport. Then we finally started to board and it was my first time that I actually needed to go by bus in the airport to get to the plane. And also it was my first plane that was relatively small.. but my excitement was not small at all:

Happy Carrot Boarding

Cute little plane

Then we figured out the train we have to take and were on our way to hotel:

Kaspars and I in train S16

And then we arrived at our hotel which is VERY nice.. and probably VERY expensive 🙂 We are very satisfied with the hotel. Only surprise was that in the closet there were clothes and a bag with someone’s stuff ;D



After that we went to City Centre , ate lunch, bought some food for dinner and breakfast and walked through the city of Zurich a bit.


This was the only day with no real plans that is why we spent it very quietly and intimate 8-))
And the greek salad were DELICIOUS! Yumm yumm!!

Extra photo from outside of the city:


Abroad Carrot


Happy As A Fool :)

Today was a good day! Even though  the weather is not the most pleasant one.. So the day started very nice – I woke up and realized that today we work from 8:30 -13:00. Then I got to my floor and there was a nice surprise in the kitchen:
Manager's treatIt was our manager who had prepared a nice treat for his team before Easter. ^^
But the fun continued. When we got back from Norwegian classes at about 12:00, I sat down at my desk and wanted to turn on the mouse:
Usual mouseBut there was a VERY FUNNY SURPRISE:
I've been CAGED! ;DThanks Margarita! It was really very funny 😀   I got CAGED! ;DDDDDDDD
But this was not all… Alisa was quite suspicious today ;DD A moment later I got this on my desk:
Farwell from AlisaShe gave me Dylan which is a travel dog and wished me and Kaspars to have a nice trip. So sweet! Thanks! :)))
And last but not least…
Scilla ArmenaI saw Scilla Armena for the first time this year! 🙂
Now I am packing my bags and preparing for tomorrow’s flight.. I guess the only ones who are not happy with our absence are cats:
Little MessI hope I’ll have the time to write about my time spent in Zurich.

Excited Carrot!