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Update for Daiga’s life NR.1

My life has been interesting these past few weeks. So the A1 level in Norwegian I passed with 95 % and in the end of the February we are having A2 level. I hope for a good mark. Fingers crossed! What is more, we also changed groups, so I have a different teacher now. She is from Russia so she doesn’t speak Latvian at all. So the classes are in English. I like the fact that she doesn’t really have the accent that my previous teacher had and she also knows the language in more details, at least so it seems. And she speaks almost only Norwegian. So she even explains everything in Norwegian and I am able to understand most of it. And only when it is necessary she uses English. Also my desk now is on the 10th floor and I have a nice view still pretty close. There is a guy from Austria right next to me. It seems interesting to have a foreign college. AAAAnnnnd….. I really need to go to the bathroom!!!! And the husband is warming the bed for me… very impatient. 😀


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Of course selvfĂžlgelig

So today I had my A1 exam for Norwegian. We had the best teacher that explained everything and it seems we ended up with the hardest exam ever. I mean other groups were complaining about their teachers because they did not explain anything and did not give any grammar rules but this was not the case for our teacher… so we felt lucky and quite safe when it came to the first exam. But we were wrong to think so. We did not even ONCE read such a text as we had in the exam. I mean.. why??? Why do teachers teach about 2 + 2 = 4 and make the exam about 56 x 78 = ?  I mean can we somehow figure the new grammar rules ourselves while writing? Do we have the chance to translate every 5th word and phrase? No!  This is ridiculous but I am quite disappointed. I am sure I passed it though.. but I am shocked and I feel so sorry about few other colleagues that possibly could not pass it.
The job is great – that I have to admit ( even though I have not had any training for the job itself… lol ). I just need to learn on my own and stop helping other so much because if this was A1……I need to learn day and night..
And I kinda decided that I will not take new English students because I am exhausted and for now I have to learn a language myself.

Men jeg gleder meg til Ä snakke mer enn jeg kan snakke nÄ. SprÄket er veldig interesant og jeg mÄ fortsette det likevel.


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