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Life Of A Kitten

So it turned out that our little kittens have tapeworms and ear mites.. and they also had fleas but we got rid of them the first day. So yesterday after 9 PM we drove to the vet’s and they both were given a pill for the worms ( Have you ever seen how it’s done? Seems pretty rough .. they put the pill in the throat and then keep the throat closed so that the pill would not come out and they right away pour water in the mouth so they would swallow it.. Yeah.. that was well.. rough.. but necessary)  They were scared but now they’re OK. We are giving them also ear drops for the ear mites.. Sunny’s ears are just black with those mites and in this morning Kaspars noticed that Sunny has feaces left hanging out a little bit and it turned out to be a big tapeworm which luckily was already dead – it means that the pill was totally worth it. But we don’t know anything about Haley.. this morning she made her first poop in the litter box (Finally!!! She only used litter box for peeing… ) so we have a hope that we won’t need to buy the second one for Haley only.. So far we have spent 100 EUR (food, litter, vet, box .. etc.) And basically it is only because we have 2 cats instead of one.. But we don’t regret it.. Because they both a friendly with each other.. they sleep and play together..  We just have to get them healthy because they also haven’t yet been vaccinated (because they have worms).. And after all this is behind us we just hope that they will grow up big, healthy and smart.
I am happy that we could at least take 2 kittens.. there were 6 altogether and 4 big cats.. Don’t know if they will be taken care of.. 😦


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Playing Around

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Haley & Sunny

Little KittensSo these are our little girls – Haley & Sunny. They are 2 months and 2 weeks old.
Haley is a little bit shy but she is the one who was purring for the first time. Sunny is more social and she is also more active. But the important thing is that they like each other and they play together. We are hoping that they will share their litter box as well. 🙂

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I Am An Aunt Now

So yeah… on 14th September my sister gave birth to a little boy who now is called Valts (Like ”Walt”).
This is all new and very exciting and I really want to see the child. It will be very interesting to see how he grows up because we all will be there 🙂
And the most funny part is to really understand that my parents are now grandparents.. And so they will be for my children as well.
2 days ago we almost got 2 little kittens but they were taken before us. So now we are searching.. and we think we might have found some.. and these ones are 2 months old and they are both girls. But the owners told us that they are really sweet (aren’t they all??) but you know I think I kind of understand what she meant because in the picture they seem all getting along very well. So we’ll see.. anyway.. you’ll have some photos when we finally have them!

AAAAANNNNNDDDD….!!!!! Today is the 4th lesson for Norwegian course. I am so happy that I learn Norwegian and actually that is one of the happiest times in my week. 🙂

Hei! Jeg heter Daiga. Jeg er 20 år gammel og jeg kommer fra Kegums men nå bor og jobber jeg i Riga. Jeg snakker latvisk, engelsk, og litt norsk og jeg også forstår russisk men ikke so mye.

So for today we had a hjemmelekser (homework) – we had to write about our week and for the next Tuesday we have to read this little children’s book with 7 pages and translate it.

Anyhow.. Everything continues.. everything is going great! 🙂

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So as many of you may know – I work as an online dealer.. and you know how we say:
Please, place your bets. It’s betting time!”

Well.. I always notice things like this… so I figured it’s funny enough to write it here. Basically what I hear sometimes is this:

Please, place your bats. It’s petting time!

Makes me smile every time! ;DDD

Funny Carrot ;D

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