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25th May

Okay! It is 05:05 a.m.! Let’s wake up and marry! ;D

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Lilly Of The Valley

Oh yeah! Drinking Borjomi, eating banana and relaxing my feet in cold water after a long walk.

soo good

Today Madara and I went to forest to collect some Lillies of the valley. We did. We saw a tiny lizard, a yellow spider (So cute n_____________n) and simply beautiful views. Here are some photos:

Can you see it? It’s amazing!

Small yellow spider.. look closer!

Peace in Forest

And some women who is a friend of my mom’s… found MORE Lillies… :

They smell gorgeously!

And today I did this:

And I can honestly say – this day was a good day.. still is and will be, because soon I and Kaspars will arrange our wedding car. ( I know.. it’s kinda late.. but not too late! :))


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Preparations, preparations…

Eating ice-cream, enjoying sunny days and arranging last few touches to the wedding. Kaspars has taken over most of the things because I am going crazy sometimes over nothing ;DDD I want to be calm before the day 🙂
But I can’t wait, really. It is going to be great! And the weather is also going to be good, so they say. + 27 degrees. ^^

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Daiga Karpoviča

As the wedding is getting closer and closer I just realized that there are only 7 days left when people can call me Daiga Karpoviča, because after Sunday I will be Daiga Liepa. 🙂
It is interesting and I like it. Both the surname and the feeling of something new :)))))

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So this is my morning … It seems bad, but I feel ok. It was standing in the front of the window and wind blew it off. I cut myself a little bit. We have a saying when someone gets hurt : It will heal up until the wedding.   Well in this case I don’t know. Will it? ;D

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Tesla Rocks But Soy Sucks

I would like to start with a link that will educate you a lot:

AAAnd also a well known man – Paul Chek who speaks about Soy products and soy itself. 🙂!1862&authkey=!APQt2se2MrXKlTc&ithint=file%2c.pdf

This is it for now, just wanted to give you a valuable information! 🙂

Good luck,
Happy Carrot

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Positive Emotions

Hello! Last time I said that I should take more photos. And I did! 🙂 Yesterday I had to go to Ķegums to teach English and in the evening the weather was great. It wasn’t very warm but it was ok, but it was sunny. I got on to the train and to my surprise – it was empty, at least my passenger’s car. It stayed that way for about 15 minutes so I had the time to take some photos.

Empty train ^^

These flowers are amazing. I hope they will grow more in the forest and maybe then I could use them in our wedding 🙂

Anyway.. I was just listening to music, singing along (lip sync), and appreciating everything I have in my life! 🙂

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