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Air and Family.. wait.. what?!

As some of you may now.. I usually write posts this late when I can’t sleep. Bingo! This is not an exception. My stomach is a balloon, it is hot inside, I feel sick, I am afraid.

My mom showed me our relatives “Rostoks” and I helped her to find few people on the Internet. I have very close relatives living in Iowa and Omaha. We contacted one of them, hopefully, we get a response. And also it would be nice to have a place to stay if Kaspars and I ever decide to go to the USA.

I am gassed up.. Maybe tomorrow I will go out and fly up in the sky. If I manage to get to space.. Weeeelll.. That’s perfect. It means vacuum. It means that I have the oppurtunity to live my life without the air in my stomach. ( let’s not talk about the real circumstances..ok? ) Ignorance is bliss. Just for this one day.. This one.. Day..

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A Talanted Latvian Artist

Dons – Signal

Dons – Last Letter

Dons & Lily – Just For You

This one was 10 years ago! WOW! Time flies! And listening to this song I thought that it wasn’t their song but some great artist’s song.. According to people it is Don’s made.. Have you heard this one?

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I’ve Got 99 Problems But The Dress Ain’t One

Today, we finally went to the shop where my beautiful dress was waiting for me all this time! ^^ And now the dress is waiting for the big day!

And what I mean by 99 problems.. is that there are still a lot of things to do before the wedding in order to organize it and for it to be great! 🙂

This was a short update! ;D  C ya!



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