Wedding dress

Few things have happened 🙂 Good ones!

My session is still in process, but it seems that I will be able deal with them. Right now I am in lecture called “Data structures”. It is ok, but I can’t say the same thing about the lecturer.. Very hard to understand.. Her..

Other news.. Last Saturday I and Kaspars went to find a wedding dress. It turns out that I look pretty in a very big range of dress styles. At first I wanted simple dress, but in the end we found a great dress that is wide in … Okay I have to admit that my vocabulary in fashion is poor so I cant even describe it 😀 But its beautiful.. I was thinking about putting a picture in here but I decided to leave it for May, and put pictures of our wedding! 🙂

The weather here is cold but very sunny at least. I can’t wait to wear cute skirts and nice shoes on heels when it gets warm! Every day – trousers.. It is really bringing me down. SKIRTS FOR THE WIN!!!!! :)))


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