Wedding dress

Few things have happened 🙂 Good ones!

My session is still in process, but it seems that I will be able deal with them. Right now I am in lecture called “Data structures”. It is ok, but I can’t say the same thing about the lecturer.. Very hard to understand.. Her..

Other news.. Last Saturday I and Kaspars went to find a wedding dress. It turns out that I look pretty in a very big range of dress styles. At first I wanted simple dress, but in the end we found a great dress that is wide in … Okay I have to admit that my vocabulary in fashion is poor so I cant even describe it 😀 But its beautiful.. I was thinking about putting a picture in here but I decided to leave it for May, and put pictures of our wedding! 🙂

The weather here is cold but very sunny at least. I can’t wait to wear cute skirts and nice shoes on heels when it gets warm! Every day – trousers.. It is really bringing me down. SKIRTS FOR THE WIN!!!!! :)))


The Juicy Fruits Of 5 Year Relationship

This one is an update for my relationships, social life and thoughts on all of that.

As we (Kaspars & Daiga) are getting married in May, 2014, few weeks back we figured that we want to have a special person that can marry us. This is because often in Registry Office ‘marrying’ person is so ”whatever” about your wedding day and also it seems .. cold. Fortunately Kaspars knows Andrejs who is a priest but also has rights to marry people. So we called him and made an appointment. He was happy to see me again, because he had only seen me once.. like.. 4 years ago. We were still together and he was glad. He offered us a preparation course before marriage. And we decided to do it.

Now we have been going to those sessions for more than a month ( he does it for free and in his own free time ) and we have learned a lot of interesting facts. Mostly we already knew basic things about communication, support, sex and so on.. but still there were a lot of new things to think about even from a different view.  We are reading a book together which he recommended us, it is called ”To Couples” by Julian Melgosa, Anette D.Melgosa. This book speaks about interesting facts, differences between men and women, and statistics and even researches. Although it is quite ok (the book), the most valuable things we have learned from Andrejs himself.

The best thing about these sessions is that we can discuss these things afterwards. For me the things that I now think about more is:
-Supporting Kaspars in everything he does ( I always have respected him but now I do that even more )
-Accepting the differences in personalities

And I noticed that Kaspars is more understanding that I am a woman which means I like to talk about my feelings.
We feel more happy than ever before.

Few days back we had an argument (No yelling and chair throwing.. simply misunderstanding and hurt feelings). We resolved the problem with talking. Well.. this is nothing new ;D I think the whole planet does this usually ( besides the lunatics ). But I had a major breakthrough! –> Usually my girl friends tell me that they are disappointed in their BF’s because after a long talk.. the only thing that he has to say is something like: ” Ok.. Aha… Sorry” . But this is how men usually speak: Short but specific. The breakthrough was that I explained Kaspars that I can’t feel as if the argument is over if the only response is ” Ok”..  He now knows that he has to explain his feelings in long sentences.. even saying the same thing two or three times but in different words and only then he has assured me of how he feels and that everything is going to be alright! And he actually tried it during that conversation. He finally understood it.   I have no more words for that…. IT WAS SO GOOOOOOD! LIKE A NATURAL! ;DDDD

And I felt like…  5 years together… but it was worth it! Communication: ++++++10000000!!!!!


Let’s Build A Student For 2014

Last Friday I wanted to check my results in Computer Architecture and there was no result so I thought that I didn’t pass the exam and I need to retake it. I was disappointed (the professor promised the results on Friday).. but then on Monday I figured to go and check it again.. and when I did .. I saw ”5”  and well.. it’s pretty damn good!!! Because I had only two options 3 or 5. I had to have at least 4. So I did.. I had 5.. NICE! Because it is the hardest class in my program and I have passed it! Woohoo!

Another great news: I had to go for 3 more classes for swimming in order to pass it, but somehow someone had posted in University’s web page that swimming is finished for me.. so as I understand.. I don’t have to go for those 3 classes. ^^  I am happy about it because I want to change the sport. Swimming in that pool is great for my back and its quite interesting but my hair and skin are so dry and not shinny at all. I like to be pretty and preferably without putting moisturizers every time I swim. Fair, right?

I have ”unfinished business” at University but I feel confident that I can deal with it and continue my studies 🙂

While we’re on the University subject.. I have this great mate that helps me and other people and it’s funny because he has so much things to do on his own but still he is so anxious to help. I felt happy and supported when he said:” I won’t let you drop out!”  .. I smiled, it seemed funny, but still nice. There are a lot of nice people out there. ^^

How Am I Doing In 2014

Hello! 🙂

Yesterday Kaspars was in Hospital because of his headaches. The doctors didn’t say anything useful or logical for that matter so the investigation continues. Thanks to our good friend we might just get the answers ! 🙂

Last Friday I missed my exam for Programming. I thought that it was at 12.00 but changes were made and I didn’t know that. But that’s the least of my worries… because tomorrow I have exam in Computer Architecture.. aaand that’s pretty complicated ;D

And some sad news.. our group will be divided and that is why we can write 5-7 people group and give it to the council in order to stay together. And that’s what we will do. 🙂

Today will be the first time I actually go to university and it seems really hard. I’ve been home for so many days that I can’t even go back to the studies. It is unbelievably hard!! Not like in mornings when you want to sleep and you have thoughts like ”stupid university.. pooo..peee… ” ;D It is more like ”WHATEVER…. |-( ”   So yeah. Not cool.. not cool..

A Dream Of Mine

And this one is for my love.

There are times when I want to sit down and write about him and our life. It is 2:28 a.m. and I think so much that I cant put myself to sleep.

Today we searched the calendar for boy and girl names.. For our children. We seem to miss a little meatball and someone to raise up. Its great that we are on the same level here.  So about us – Daiga & Kaspars. We are together for 5 years and have been living together for more than 3. We feel like a married couple for a long time and I mean that in a good way. Some people asked me:” So? How did he propose?” and everybody expects a romantic proposal. The thing is that we talked about getting married years before. This was just an activisation of it. Often I get the feeling that if the woman is soo surprised by the proposal it must mean that their communication is at low level. I cant imagine this for myself. Sure, I can imagine romantic proposal but not the surprise. I remember when I was in 9th grade I told one of my classmates that I will marry Kaspars in this life! Well.. That was 4 years ago. When I think about it, it even amazes myself. I cant even fully understand how could I be so sure about something. And where we are now.. Well.. Thats beautiful! We have grown up together in our personalities and we understand each other better than ever. We can finish others sentences, we know what the other one is thinking. It is fun! Few years back we were good friends with married couple. They were recently married, they came from different countries and from the stories the man proposed because he had always wanted a red headed girl. So it happened. One evening we all and some other people were going out. The husband asked us:” How long are you together?” .. We answered and then asked:”Why do you ask?” .. – ” We were holding hands only in the beginning, when we were dating.” and the conversation continued but what I realized then and can also say about the present is that every time we go outside we hold hands. Often we look like young couple that is dating. What happened until this day: We started loving each other even more, we miss each other more. We are so lucky to have that.

I really wish everbody to find that kind of person, to build such relationships and be happy!!! And if you have found one then go for it!!!