Stories And Confessions

Hello, Dear friends :]

These past few weeks have been interesting enough to write about. And I am about to write about that in like.. chapters or something. So here goes the first one.. and it is called



This is the first time in many years when I had the spirit of Christmas. I was humming Christmas songs all the time and I was amazed that they were different each day and I didn’t have the smallest clue where I had heard them. And somehow it felt as if everything was happening so that my spirit would grow bigger. My father got Christmas tree in the old house where they live now and my mother said that she can’t remember the last time when we had one in that house. And finally in the evening before Christmas we – family, sat in the light of red-green-blue-orange Christmas lights. I don’t know why but this year simply was special to me.

I was busy making these delicious waffles and they were more than that!!!


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