Scorpion Needles – Feels Like Wind of Change

English: Scorpions in Kavarna 2010 Български: ...

English: Scorpions in Kavarna 2010 Български: Скорпиънс в Каварна 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Scorpions (Photo credit: José Goulão)

Ok.. so it has been almost a month now since I last wrote.

Things have happened:

I and Kaspars went to Scorpions concert! ^^ It was amazing! Drum guy had a T-Shirt with ”Rock and Roll Forever” on the back side and then he lifted it up and there was the same thing tattooed on his back!!! It was just so great! They performed really well and I even had tears in my eyes when they played Wind of Change ! Everyone stood up! Amazing!

Today I visited an acupuncturer Ilana. She is the first person in 3 years who can really explain why I have been having nausea,racing heart (lol – because my hearth is very competative xDD She didn’t say that. It’s just something I just came up with :D), and some problems with nerves – shaking n stuff. I had needles in my head today ^^ So cool ;D She told me what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. She seemed convinced and she convinced me too that I will get past this and everything will fall into its place.

English: Basic Acupuncture.

English: Basic Acupuncture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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