Daiga goes partying!!

Hello fellas!

It’s been a while BUT I have some interesting stuff to write about.

Nowadays youngsters (around my age) consider going to Riga’s Old City to be very trendy. I remember when I was studying at Riga’s Gymnasium No.2 my classmates used to come to school after weekend and talk about their partying&drinking&having-fun.. and I simply listened, it was interesting. And later I decided that I have to do it just to ”check” it in my ”to do list”.. it felt as if I have to know and see how it is. And I had my chance.

Last Thursday I went out with 4 guys from University, we drank, talked, danced and had fun. I saw people who had this lifestyle almost every day.. I watched and analyzed everything but at the same time I got drunk and even enjoyed it. I finally went to a club (I mean for the first time), but I was right – I haven’t missed out anything. It is just fun for a night or two.

Well.. I thought about this a lot and yet I decided to mention smth from my private life. For last few years I lived my life thinking that there is only one man who likes me (apart from maniacs who would just ”do” anyone) and suddenly.. starting my studies and also elsewhere.. I am this cool-interesting-sexy chick… How did that happen? And .. being Leo .. this gives me a lot of attention which I like so much!

Thats all for now. Have a good night sleep! 🙂


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