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Pascal, Delphi, Sushi and Caaaaaaaaarrrrrssssssss

Well guys.. I am doing well! Studying Computer Systems is interesting for me and that is great because it means that if I don’t understand something I will find out just because I want to. So far I made a little program ( you can see it  in ”home” page here as a link too ) and it was made using Pascal and it seems pretty easy.. now I have to study Delphi which is similar to Pascal only there are graphical elements in the code. The lecturer for Delphi is just awful.. she isn’t explaining anything.. she would just SHOW us what to write where… but the main question WHY isn’t answered. So I decided to learn on my own.. I don’t really have any other option.. that will be time taking.. but I will try to manage it. 🙂


Sushi (Photo credit: Plonq)

Yesterday my sister stayed over and I helped her to make Sushi for her boyfriend’s brother’s daughter. I was happy to do it because I got some of it too. 🙂

Do you remember when sometime in June I started going to Driving School?

You see.. Today is my last driving session and on 2nd of October (Wednesday) I will have my exam, but before the exam I will have one last warm up driving with my instructor before I go to exam.  I really hope to do this with the first time ^^ Wish me luck! ;***

This week I realized that I need more money for all sorts of things.. so I started thinking that I should get more students that I can teach English. We’ll see 🙂

program I like you;


writeln(‘How are you today?’);


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Daiga goes partying!!

Hello fellas!

It’s been a while BUT I have some interesting stuff to write about.

Nowadays youngsters (around my age) consider going to Riga’s Old City to be very trendy. I remember when I was studying at Riga’s Gymnasium No.2 my classmates used to come to school after weekend and talk about their partying&drinking&having-fun.. and I simply listened, it was interesting. And later I decided that I have to do it just to ”check” it in my ”to do list”.. it felt as if I have to know and see how it is. And I had my chance.

Last Thursday I went out with 4 guys from University, we drank, talked, danced and had fun. I saw people who had this lifestyle almost every day.. I watched and analyzed everything but at the same time I got drunk and even enjoyed it. I finally went to a club (I mean for the first time), but I was right – I haven’t missed out anything. It is just fun for a night or two.

Well.. I thought about this a lot and yet I decided to mention smth from my private life. For last few years I lived my life thinking that there is only one man who likes me (apart from maniacs who would just ”do” anyone) and suddenly.. starting my studies and also elsewhere.. I am this cool-interesting-sexy chick… How did that happen? And .. being Leo .. this gives me a lot of attention which I like so much!

Thats all for now. Have a good night sleep! 🙂

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A Mini Post

I have a free time before I go to teach English for 3 hours.

It’s 10:08 a.m. and this is me :

Good morning!

So I’d like to explain to you how/where me and my family live. I live in Riga as you know, my sister moved to Daudzese (Never heard that one before, but it’s in Latvia) to live with her boyfriend. And my parents live in my mother’s parents’ house where Indra (sister) used to live. So the apartment now is rented by a young couple. My cat Feja lives in a house now and she has to get used to it and also get used to the dog Argo.

My sister is trying to get her things to Daudzese but she is doing that sooo slowly… I mean she just can’t find time to do it.. and my mom is angry that she can’t really tidy up and order things because of her belongings. But the best thing is it that the day before yesterday she decided to left a lot of clothes and well there are good ones too so now I’ll have few new clothes ^^

My cat just caught a mouse! It seems so cruel because cats don’t simply kill them and eat them. They hurt them then play with them and then MAYBE eat them! Well at least she has something to do and doesn’t feel bored.

English: Cat carrying a house mouse.

English: Cat carrying a house mouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (BTW not FEJA!!!)

再见 – that is Chinese for ”Bye”

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You can study, then die and watch some Autumn leaves

I want to announce that I hate pores

This is a test for you. I get sick looking at this.. I am actually right now… OMG… PANIC!!!!

I can’t explain this but when I see pores anywhere… bones, fruits n stuff.. I get this yucky feeling… it disturbs me VERY MUCH! I’d like to find another person who has had similar feeling and/or knows if that is related to something psychologically.

Today I met my friend Madara. She studies Medicine… and well..  it is really hard for her! After hearing what is going on with her studies and her university mates.. I felt as I am in such a good place ^^ I mean.. can you believe it – you are studying to fcking become a doctor.. to help people but the university doesn’t allow you NOT to attend the lectures.. I mean… really.. even if you are sick as fuck and have a diarrhea… that is NO EXCUSE.

DOUBLE U TEE  EFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only way you can skip lectures is if you are in hospital and you bring a note from it. I mean.. that is so ironical… you want to cure people… but you can as well die studying!  I guess.. this is an appropriate time to explain what is studying . . .


Anyway.. I really want to wish everybody luck and well health too. I hope someone is brave enough to tell the University how inhuman that is.

I have a new little dream… to lie down under trees and just watch how leaves fall down on and around me. That could be awesome.

Autumn leaves in Gekū

Autumn leaves in Gekū (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you guys for following me, it gives me motivation to continue my blog. ;****************

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Be A Nice Lady :)

So I made it! The first study week is over and I feel great!

I love Mathematics and we are 3 girls in 28 people group of boys.
A lot of new faces. And it’s weird (I mean unusual) when everywhere I go there are men that open and hold doors for me and wait for me to pass them by. Its unusual but I like it 😀

Today I met an old friend. I had never met him before.. we were chatting and e-mailing for 7 years and we finally got the chance to meet each other because I live in Riga 😎 We talked and it was a lot of fun.. we also went to his girlfriend’s work.. because she is very jealous and all.. He later told me that they fight a lot mostly because of her jealousy and because he has to do everything for her and she can’t take care of things herself.. And so later it got me thinking that there are SOOO many stupid women. And actually I always get the feeling that there are more crazy bitches than there are jerkish men. This friend I met actually isn’t the first one with that kind of situation in the relationship ( well.. ofcourse ;D ) so I had this little movie in my head –

There is this gorgeous woman. She is so beautiful and interesting. She seduces a man. The man is so happy and excited and eventually he gets laid. They are having great time together and they decide to became a couple. Everything is good .. but time goes by .. and the sweet and sexy woman has suddenly turned into a time-attention-money sucking Succubus. And the man feels miserable.. so they split up and the girl suddenly is so fcking confused and sad. ”How can you leave me?” she says.. because she has always thought that the man is her property. She cries a lot and continues to complain to her girlfriends how her boyfriend is ”so lame.. so blah blah..” and so on. And the man starts to think ”what if next one is just like her?”..  But women continue to wonder about ”How can men just fck one and then go to another?”
The reality – men don’t want to know those Succubuses.
Doesn’t women also fck up men and then go to another?

This little philosophy isn’t true all times.. this is just a notable part of women society.

Daiga simply thinking some thoughts. Don’t be mad, sad or a pad. xD ( it just rhymed )


The most LOVING, CARING and HONEST character/person I KNOW!!! – Goku!


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