Morning glory

English: Blue Morning Glory Close-up

English: Blue Morning Glory Close-up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah.. I mean.. morning glory for everybody else ;D
This morning feels heavy and silent – because of my runny nose and soar throat. But there is one thing I always notice – I sing better with my nose full ;D Whaat? Yeah.. I dunno why is that.

So I am home alone again. My boyfriend ( is also at work which I needed these past few weeks, because I can do the things I want ^^ but I don’t like when he stays in Riga after work because when he comes home we don’t have any time to do something together. I don’t worry because these are just exceptions, mostly he is home around 7 p.m.

English: onion

English: onion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: milk bottle showing cream at the top

English: milk bottle showing cream at the top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First thing I’ll do today is that I will make a magic health drink. My mom made it yesterday because it’s good for runny nose, cough and even flu.
How to make it? You’ll need cows milk and I mean not the one in the shops, but straight from the cow! And one onion.
First, cut the onion into small pieces and then heat the milk until a membrane appears on the milk (it is when the milk is ready to start boil, but you don’t need to boil it) and then pour the onion into it, stir it a little bit, turn off the heat and cover the milk for few minutes to let them both  um.. how ya say it.. simply interact with each other ;D And then filter the onions out and drink the milk! It though that it would be gross, but it was actually ok. 🙂

The Scorpions will be in Riga on 10th of November. ^^  It is 90 % that I and Kaspars will go too. YAY! It is so good when we have jobs ( well.. I have unofficial ones ;D English teacher and I travel around the country and make money by painting faces, making glitter tattoos for kids and grown ups) but it is ok for 19 year-old ;D

Ralph Rieckermann of Scorpions.

Ralph Rieckermann of Scorpions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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