Something’s happening

Yesterday I had my first driving lesson and it went well. The instructor is also called Kaspars ;D He explains things good enough and it was easy to start driving with him. The only thing I did not like was that he often used and stared at his phone – My character demands a lot of attention and I was a little bit offended by this action. Other than that – everthing’s fine!

Today I had another theory lesson in driving school and so far it seems that I am the most clever one ( we are only 4 ;D ) because I understand everything the quickest. It is a little bit weird.. I’ll tell you why – we are 2 girls and 2 boys. Those boys are well not boys.. I’d say they are men and from their looks it seemed to me that they probably know a lot of things about cars and driving itself. That is how itย usually works.. Boys just have this interest and understanding about cars. Usually… but apparently not this time.

Later I had arranged meeting with my Psychotherapist Vita (her name). As usually we talked for one hour ( except for that time when Kaspars came with me and we spent hour and half talking ). I told her about my depression the day before and how it has happened more frequently in last year. It was interesting to know her thoughts because it was something new and also it felt like I already knew it.. but this conversation made me feel like I am really close to understanding what is happening to my body physically and also mentally. We will meet in the beginning of August because she is having vacation a week from now.

English: Start your vacation with a splash

English: Start your vacation with a splash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When she’ll get back I will start making sand pictures as for my sand therapy and few hours ago I thought that maybe I could take my diaries with me to read something to her ๐Ÿ™‚


Sand (Photo credit: mjdave)


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