Summer parties

I just have arrived from my sister’s party. There were few policemen and it was interesting to hear them talk ;D Today the main idea was to have fun on the water with a motorboat and some other things but the motorboat did not want to start so deep down everybody were disappointed even those who did not want to admit it. But that’s my opinion. During the first part of the day I went to Riga with Kaspars because I had to do some signatures involving my high school finishing and it felt good ^^

On Monday I had amazing time with my old classmates from Kegums. It was just awesome! We talked, ate, drank, danced, played games and swam. I knew then that it was just the thing I was needing all along.

Tomorrow I am congratulating my old classmates with high school finishing but the day after it will be my time n_____n Maybe I even will put few photos ;D


The Best Instructor

Well hello there!

It is 2:20 A.M. and I have just arrived home from 3 hour long driving lesson with my new instructor – Edgars – my sister’s boyfriend ;D
I have had 3 – Kaspars from my driving school, Indra – she has a car ;D, and Edgars who offered me to drive around some more. So far he is the best instructor I have ever had, he is responsive, he talks calm enough not to start feeling bad or uncomfortable and he actually talks to me so I have learned tons of new valuable information.
I drove all by myself 14 km to nearby city and back. There we had fun in a parking lot ^^ On my home street we were stopped by policemen.

Police Car - Downers Grove

Police Car – Downers Grove (Photo credit: skeggy)

I gave my Learner Driver’s Permit and Edgars gave his Driver’s License, he had to do the Breath Alcohol Test but of course everything was fine and I continued driving to my house ^^

One of the greatest night of all time!

High heels and high awareness

Home! At last!

So yeah! Now I’m home! Today I had my second driving lesson and it went really well, I learned to press turning lights and to turn in 2nd gear  (I do not know the word for this.. so I hope you get my message). Later I worked with Jogita and Līna at lovely kindegarten, I draw face-art on children’s faces 🙂

————–Continuing in the morning————–

Yesterday I got home some time after 22:00 and I chatted on skype with Renāte. I told her that I miss our close friendship and in the end we decided to meet up in spite of how late it was. We walked through our city few times and I was just surprised by the things she told me because I really KNEW how she felt. I could not imagine that somebody so close to me could have gone through basically the same shit I have.. And I mean.. not only one thing or two… It was just like we had the same mind and thoughts just were so alike. She stayed over and we talked some more.. We shared with our pictures and we went to sleep after 2 a.m. This was a great evening and meant a lot to me and I believe that for her too.

Today I look

Its a dress under that yellow jacket


like this.

I am excited because next driving lesson the instructor is taking me on the streets ^^   BE AWARE! ;DDDD

Jump over

I had a lot of information at my driving school today and my head is still spinning but I like that. I decided to buy 2 books for theory and I believe they’ll be useful 🙂
Now I am sitting in Olimpia.. Feeling sleepy *.*
My love finally finished his work for getting the job of his dreams at the moment so I am excited too and it means that changes are inevitable, but the patience is needed. Let’s keep visualizing and hope for everything to fall in its place.
I would add a picture but my phone is too historical <.<

Weekend in Tallinn

Last weekend I had great time with Kaspars and my team in Tallinn. We saw great speakers and business owners with amazing success! On Saturday we had free time so we tried carousels nearby.

Here is me with my mentor – Edgars. His left hip was a little bit sore after my hip crashing into his.

This one was fun but that’s not all! Kaspars joined us in another.. >:-D

My face is just epic

So the weekend was great for me and it was a great trip for both of us. And the weather was just perfect! Here are some videos so you can see how they look in real life 🙂

I liked this one the most!

Not bad at all even though it doesn’t seem so interesting from where you are watching ;D

Something’s happening

Yesterday I had my first driving lesson and it went well. The instructor is also called Kaspars ;D He explains things good enough and it was easy to start driving with him. The only thing I did not like was that he often used and stared at his phone – My character demands a lot of attention and I was a little bit offended by this action. Other than that – everthing’s fine!

Today I had another theory lesson in driving school and so far it seems that I am the most clever one ( we are only 4 ;D ) because I understand everything the quickest. It is a little bit weird.. I’ll tell you why – we are 2 girls and 2 boys. Those boys are well not boys.. I’d say they are men and from their looks it seemed to me that they probably know a lot of things about cars and driving itself. That is how it usually works.. Boys just have this interest and understanding about cars. Usually… but apparently not this time.

Later I had arranged meeting with my Psychotherapist Vita (her name). As usually we talked for one hour ( except for that time when Kaspars came with me and we spent hour and half talking ). I told her about my depression the day before and how it has happened more frequently in last year. It was interesting to know her thoughts because it was something new and also it felt like I already knew it.. but this conversation made me feel like I am really close to understanding what is happening to my body physically and also mentally. We will meet in the beginning of August because she is having vacation a week from now.

English: Start your vacation with a splash

English: Start your vacation with a splash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When she’ll get back I will start making sand pictures as for my sand therapy and few hours ago I thought that maybe I could take my diaries with me to read something to her 🙂


Sand (Photo credit: mjdave)