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Thursday was colorful as in light ad dark tones! Late in that evening I was going to Agrita to stay over in order to be ready for the next day – driving to another city early in the morning to work there. I was welcomed with Greenfield tea, some sandwiches and even dumplings. Agrita used our free time to draw face-art on my cheeks and forehead because she needed to practice them. Later on I went to bed to have some rest. Rest… well.. not really… Even though I thought that I’d have sweet dreams, I woke up after half an hour – my heart was racing and I started to shiver. My legs, arms, chest  – whole body was shivering. I didn’t even realize what was happening but I automatically pressed button ”3” on my phone and Kaspars answered in a little bit sleepy voice. I was telling him all the things that are happening to me as if he was a doctor.. I told him that I don’t know what to do. I was breathing deeply and I tried to calm those damn nerves down, but I wasn’t in any luck so I started to panic: ”I am a guest in here.. and again there is me with my shit . I don’t know whether to wake Agrita up or not”. After the conversation with Kaspars I decided to go to her and ask for help. She gave me sleeping drugs or something like that and I without much of a consideration drank it. We went to my room, she opened window and suggested to leave the light on. I got in the bed and after few minutes the shivers was gone JUST LIKE THAT (snap). I visited my doctor using the button ”3” but my eyelids became adhesive so I told him that I should go to sleep. Thank God I slept well without ever getting up, not even once and in the morning it felt like nothing had happened.

Together with Agrita and Elgars, Nils Monta and Dace I drove to Strenči where I was a pink Dragon Lady and I had an opportunity to sweat for 2 hours ( I liked that very much ) 🙂

Now I am home again, I arranged English private lesson in Monday because I am mentally exhausted right now. Those shivers worry me because I still don’t know why I have them and how to treat them. Sometimes I don’t feel like I in my own body. I was healthy and now it just seems .. further I go, worse I feel. FUN! (yeah right)

Kaspars recommeced me yoga and meditation. Thats something to think about! That could actually help!

Thinking about nothing



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Brumm brumm …

The biggest event in this day:
I registered in Draugu autoskola (Friends drivingschool).

Le me driving ^^

I was offered to learn first aid training this very day, but later I thought that I can’t miss face-art training lesson with Jogita ( ) in Ogre (that is an actual city ;D ). I have more trained hand and color strokes look much more sophisticated. That is why I am goint to work at Mežaparks in a event called ”Golded Sneaker”

It is quite interesting to be in Riga’s centre but feel like in the middle of nowhere: I forgot my mobile phone. Can’t call anybody to notify anything about me, can’t arrange anything and also I can’t reach anyone who could reach somebody else ;D aaand of course I can’t look up train schedule. It was depressing and uneasy feeling.

Now I can be calm, I can call anyone and just sit for a moment.

Dear friends, I have one big suggestion for you guys! —>

1)Sit down in the evening, google or just think about the things that are missing in your life. Make the wishlist as long as you want, but choose few that are most important right now. Find pictures for each goal so that they were as closely described as possible

2)Buy strawberry red cardboard (A4 or A3)

3)Put the pictures in a word document and print them (That’s if you wish to economy paper).

4)Glue all important ones to the red cardboard and place the Dreamboard in a place you can see those dreams. For example, I put it in a photo frame and hand it on the wall.

Do you know why? I remember that more than 3 years ago my mum told me to write my wishes on a red paper. It was at the time when Chinese were celebrating their New Year. Those few wishes all came true. So this year I decided to make a collage. You won’t belive! In last 2 months things have happened more quickly for me that in last few years! I got my notebook, cooling pad, and FINALLY (after 7 years 😀 hehe) I started to take driving lessons – I have been dreaming for that my whole life, it is actually my biggest dream.. and much, much, much more things.

I am saying this simply as a warm recommendation but I am not the only one who thinks this trick is working. I have seen the results, it is enough for me! 🙂

By the way, if you are in a lack of money, buy citrine and have it with you for few months on the right side of the body. Watch and compare those months with previous ones – for me it helped a lot. In Latvia crystals are often fake so be careful not to buy those. Citrine is not expensive it can be for few cents but if big then Euros.



Eversong woods

Days passed quickly actually – I wanted to write on Friday.. but here I am now writing in Monday.

I want to announce happily that Lyamon (One of my characters in World Of Warcraft) finally got her .. well.. I don’t even know how to call it, because I don’t remember that creature’s name.. but it looks like very colorful ostrich! I am very pleased with that because now I will be able to move 6 times faster!!

Lyamon gets her 1st riding mount

This is a little peek inside of the game to which I have become attached. In my view in this picture Lyamon is in one of the most beautiful regions in Azeroth! =)

Coat of arms of Ķegums

Coat of arms of Ķegums (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday region celebration took place in Ķegums(my home city) and Ķegums choir also sang. Even though the rain was pouring, songs warmed from inside and singing last song together I suddenly felt feeling of belonging to my home city!

Yesterday my sister flew to America, California! Yum yum! Here it is 12 o’clock, but for her it is probably 5.. maybe even less. We all wait for her to get home with new impressions ^^ But I on the other hand am going far far away with Kaspars.. to far-away-sweet-dream-land because tomorrow I have to go to Riga and I will calculate some exercises for my Math exam on Thursday. I will study for my big, huge, gigantique Math exam because it will determine all my life: now people instead of asking ”What time it is?” will ask ”How many percent did you get in you Math exam?” Yeah! It will be like that… definately ;OOOO

That is why I say SWEET DREAMS!


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While my hand is still shaking 2

Recently on my School street ( it is actually called that ) colorful triangles were hanged similary as it is in car lot. It was done so that Ķegums region celebration’s place would be easier to find.

In park I and Kaspars smashed Limpo (a sparkling drink) can for old time’s sake but on our way home we saw this:

I’m sorry for the quality

Daiga:” Ķegums Celebration right there!” but I have to say that it really looks like celebration! ;D

Kaspars showed me something funny:

Watch the video and you’ll understand!

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While my hand is still shaking ..

Haidi-hou!  ( As southpark poop Mr.Hankey would say )

A nice day of May starts with 3 songs in Ķegums School. It is 10.12 and it seems that I have croaked my voice singing high fa 😀
I had quite interesting feelings while walking through school’s lobby and the stairs to 3rd floor. The feeling of belonging to this place still exist.

I guess I should take a walk with Kaspars and buy food for my cat Feja (It’s Fairy in English). You gotta do, what you gotta do!

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Freshly cut grass with gasoline

Today while going to Gita to teach her English I realized that I have nostalgia when warm breeze of freshly cut grass with gasoline gets to my nose. Sensational feeling.. ^^

I have been waiting quite some time for my Norsk private lesson but my sister called me and cancelled it for unknown reasons. She promised me that tomorrow at 20:00 she will have an hour or two for me with Norwegian.

In last few days I have this feeling that there are happening big steps and events in my life, changes also. It puts me in really nice mood because then I forget about the fact that I and Kaspars don’t live in Riga. Yesterday I finally got my Medical Reference for driving-school (which now is electronical ) and I plan to register for school next week in order to fulfill my life’s biggest dream – Drive a car.

And so the obvious one – I write a blog. Thats something really new for me!

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